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This is a pack­age for type­set­ting chess (skak in Dan­ish) games in .

The ba­sic idea is to al­low the au­thor to write about chess games us­ing nor­mal chess no­ta­tion, have that type­set nicely and then show the po­si­tion when de­sired. skak has an in­ter­nal chess board so it is never out of sync with the moves de­scribed in the text.

For more on the us­age see the skak­doc.pdf file.

Fu­ture Ad­di­tions/Wish-list

Choos­ing Lan­guage for main­line

(Pro­posal date: mid 2002.)

It would be nice if one could choose the lan­guage for the main­line, vari­a­tion and hide­moves for each in­vo­ca­tion as it al­lows for eas­ier in­clu­sion of anal­y­sis from chess pro­grams when us­ing a non-en­glish lan­guage.

Op­ti­mi­sa­tion of the Im­ple­men­ta­tion

(Pro­posal date: 2-Jan-2003.)

I would like to im­prove some ar­eas of the im- ple­men­ta­tion since they are un­nec­es­sary slow and/or com­pli­cated, e.g., IsPieceName could eas­ily be im­ple­mented as a case state­ment in- stead of a list look-up. I have a strong feel­ing that this would be a lot faster than the cur­rent im­ple­men­ta­tion which has a very func­tional pro- gram­ming flavour — this was very help­ful dur­ing the de­vel­op­ment, but it has a ten­dency to be a bit in­ef­fi­cient.

Test Suite

(Pro­posal date: 03-Jan-2003.) It would be a very good idea to cre­ate a test suite cre­ated us­ing nor­mal test­ing tech­niques. Areas of test should in­clude:

  • re­solv­ing am­bigu­ous moves, i.e., en­sur­ing

that moves like Rad1 moves the right rook.

  • all le­gal SAN moves are ac­cepted.
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