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This file is ./cmfonts/gf/README

Fonts are now delivered only in pk format.  The gf directories 
are kept as a convenience, but contain only Bourne Shell scripts
to unpack all files.  All you need to do if your driver uses
gf rather than pk is to execute the script in each directory
in which you need fonts.  Remember that the write-white fonts
in pk300w are quite different from the write-black fonts in

It is entirely possible that your printer will be running a
print-engine that is neither a CanonCX write-black nor a
Ricoh 4080 write-white engine.  If that is the case you will
want to make up your own fonts as soon as possible.  For that
purpose, makefiles at various resolutions are provided in
this directory.  You will have to edit them to set things
up for your site, and you may have to write a new |mode_def|
if you cannot find what you need in utilityfonts/bases/waits.mf
or utilityfonts/bases/U_Wash.mf.  (Use U_Wash.mf if you want
identification specials in your fonts.)

To use the makefiles, cd into the target directory and copy
or link the mf file(s) for the required font(s) into that directory.
Then either copy the appropriate *.makeall into the target
directory as "makefile" or (in BSD Unix) make a symbolic link
to makefile in the target directory. 

The fonts made should be sufficient for any use of TeX with plain.fmt
and (together with the fonts from ../../LaTeXfonts) for LaTeX or
SliTeX at the basic document size.  No provision is made for
11pt or 12pt sizes.  For these you will need to run METAFONT.
The *.makeall files are a good model to start with if you want
to automate the production of a new set of fonts.

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