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Direc­tory dviware/laserjet

This file is presented here just as it was received from
Finland.  There is a considerable amount of system-dependent
code in it which would be better in a change file.  Also,
it runs the LaserJet+ directly, rather than through the
creation of an intermediate file.  But it is said to work,
and that is better than we had before.  

It is bound to need substantial revision before it will
work under 4.2/3 BSD Unix.  Ideally, this work should
involve the elimination of the obvious system dependencies from
the web file, and the creation of a proper change file.

Also, it is probably preferable to create the usual sort of
intermediate file, rather than to attempt to run the LaserJet
as an online device.  

If you are in the mood to make the change from PXL to GF
fonts, please do.   And let us know about it when you are
satisfied with the results.  

Best of luck.

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