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This is a fairly dirty hack of Nelson Beebe's HP InkJet driver
(dvijet) to support colour printing on the HP Paintjet referred to in
TUGboat 11 (1990) p. 652--6; the LaTeX style file upon which the
article is based should be available in the contributed styles
collection.  The driver assumes PaintJet transparency mode (which
doesn't make a great deal of difference to paper output, I find).  The
output is a little faint with the materials we use, but OK for slides.

You might also like to investigate the GNU Ghostscript backend for the
PaintJet.  v 2.1 will cope at least with dvips-generated PostScript,
it seems, as long as it doesn't use virtual fonts, whereupon the
spacing seems to go wrong.  (v 2.1 doesn't have proper save and

You will need Beebe's distribution, v 2.10.  If you have the patch
program use `patch <dvipj.patch' to patch a few files for the PaintJet
(incuding the makefile -- be careful) and then do `make dvipj'.  If
you don't have patch, you'll have to edit the relevant files by hand
on the basis of the `diff' output in dvipj.patch.  You probably need
to generate the 180dpi pixel files to use it.

#include <disclaimer.h>
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