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This is the README file for dvii [version 0.44]



dvii is a utility written in C that extracts information from a TeX
dvi file and displays it on the command line. Information displayed
can include a summary:

  File comment (usually the date file was compiled)
  File size
  Number of (physical) pages
  Number of fonts

as well as more detailed information: 

  Font names for all fonts used
  List of physical page number/TeX page number pairs
  List of all \specials and the page on which they appear
  List of all fonts on a per page basis

More information can be found at the dvii home page




   2a. Executables

   Currently, the following executables are available at the dvii web
   site http://www.macrotex.net/dvii/dvii.html

      * DOS
      * Win32   (Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000)
      * Solaris (Sparc)
      * Solaris (x86)
      * Linux   (x86)

   2b. Compiling (if you cannot find an appropriate executable)

     1. What you need

        To compile, you need to have a C compiler along with the
        standard C libraries, in particular, 


        These libraries are standard and should be on any system
        with an ANSI C compiler installed (e.g. gcc). 

     2. Do the compile
       Example. If you have gcc, type

           gcc dvii.c -o dvii.exe   (assuming DOS/Windows platform)
           gcc dvii.c -o dvii       (assuming Unix platform)

       If you are compiling on a 64-bit machine, do the following: 

           gcc -DSIXTY_FOUR_BIT dvii.c -o dvii

     3. Problems with compiling

       Here are some problems you may encounter when trying to

       * You get an error message that ...

   2c. Installing the executable

     Place the executable file (dvii.exe in the case of DOS/Windows,
     dvii in the case of Unix) anywhere in the execution PATH. That's


3. TO DO

* Write better read_*_byte routines (use fread()?)

* Output fonts in ascending (rather than descending) order.

CTAN: put all files in tex-archive/dviware/dvii

Down­load the con­tents of this pack­age in one zip archive (180.6k).

dvii – Ex­tract in­for­ma­tion from a DVI file

A util­ity writ­ten in C that ex­tracts in­for­ma­tion from a DVI file. In­for­ma­tion dis­played can in­clude a sum­mary of the file com­ment (usu­ally the date the file was com­piled), file size, the num­ber of (phys­i­cal) pages, and the num­ber of fonts. More de­tailed in­for­ma­tion may also in­clude font names for all fonts used, lists of the fonts which ap­pear on each page, a list of phys­i­cal page num­ber/ page num­ber pairs, and a list of all \spe­cials and the pages on which they ap­pear.

To com­pile, you need a C com­piler along with the stan­dard C li­braries but pre­com­piled ex­e­cuta­bles are avail­able for DOS, Win 9X/NT, So­laris, OSF/1, and Linux.

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