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# Revision 0.8  92/11/23  19:46:34  19:46:34  bt (Bo Thide')
# Fixed resolution bug. Portable downloading. Added/changed options. PJXL color support
# Revision 0.7  92/11/13  02:41:14  02:41:14  bt (Bo Thide')
# More bug fixes and improvements. Support for PaintJet XL
# Revision 0.6  92/11/10  21:47:34  21:47:34  bt (Bo Thide')
# Bug fixes. Added -R option. Better font handling.
# Revision 0.5  92/11/09  16:25:21  16:25:21  bt (Bo Thide')
# Rewrite of dospecial.c. Extended \special support
# Revision 0.4  92/11/08  02:45:13  02:45:13  bt (Bo Thide')
# Changed to portable bit manipulations. Replaced strrstr for non-POSIX compliant C. Fixed numerous bugs. Added support for more \special's.
# Revision 0.3  92/08/24  12:45:21  12:45:21  bt (Bo Thide')
# Fixed 8 bit (dc font) support.
# Revision 0.2  92/08/23  17:28:52  17:28:52  bt (Bo Thide')
# Source cleaned up.  Changed certain function calls.  Removed globals.

This driver, called 'dvi2pcl', is able to download fonts both
dynamically and permanently.  There is a file called
'/usr/local/lib/tex/reslj.fnt' which contains information about which
fonts are permanently downloaded in the laser printer before 'dvi2pcl'
is used for the first time.  

The format of the font info file reslj.fnt is as follows:

fontname size fontnumber orientation [ROM]
MEMORY freemem

For example:

cmr6 300 1 P
cmr8 300 2 P
cmr10 300 3 P
cmr11 300 4 P
cmr12 300 5 P
cmbx12 300 6 P
cmti10 300 7 P
cmti12 300 8 P
cmsy6 300 9 P
cmsy8 300 10 P
cmsy10 300 11 P
cmsy12 300 12 P
cmmi6 300 13 P
cmmi8 300 14 P
cmmi10 300 15 P
cmmi12 300 16 P
MEM 2367054

The above file would indicate that 'cmrs' at a size of 300 dpi is
downloaded permanently in the portrait modes with font ID number 1 in
the laser printer.

If you plan not to use the pre-downloading feature (at this stage this is
strongly recommended!), change the 'reslj.fnt' file to the single line:


A copy of this file is included in this package.  Move it to
/usr/local/lib/tex.  Of course, the fonts that are not in ROM, yet
mentioned in the file, must be downloaded before any TeX jobs are run.
The pk_crereslj command will create a file called
'/usr/local/lib/tex/initlj.fnt' which contains the quick commands to
download the fonts mentioned in '.../reslj.fnt'.  These programs must be
run every time the 'reslj.fnt' file is modified, and at installation.
The created 'initlj.fnt' file must be sent over the queue before any TeX
jobs, and again after every laser printer power cycle or crash.

The files from which the font information is loaded are given in 'paths.h':

#define fontpath "/usr/local/lib/tex/fonts/pk300"
#define tfmpath  "/usr/local/lib/tex/fonts/tfm/"
#define defaultpk "/usr/local/lib/tex/fonts/pk300/10pt/cmr10.300pk"
#define defaulttfm "/usr/local/lib/tex/fonts/tfm/cmr10.tfm"
#define respath  "/usr/local/lib/tex/reslj.fnt"
#define initpath "/usr/local/lib/tex/initlj.fnt"

For more info, read the man page (dvi2pcl.1).

 Uppsala 8 November, 1992

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