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dvgtk-0.2 is a beta release of a DVI file previewer for Tektronix 4010
terminal emulators.

dvgtk is derived from the dvgt-3.51 package.  The original authors were
Andrew Trevorrow, Ian Dall, and Geoffrey Tobin.

Installation requires access to web2c-7.0 source tree.  An attempt was
made to integrate dvgtk as a subpackage of the web2c but dvgt is still
in a very rough shape and does not stand to web2c standards yet.  Actually
it should be rewritten from scratch :-).

Installation instructions are in file INSTALL and description of recent
modifications is in file NEWS.  For a list of architectures on which
dvgtk was verified to compile see file MACHINES.  For original
instructions and acknowledgments please refer to doc/README.

dvgtk was verified to work with Kermit 3.14, X11R6 xterm and CONEX 7.2.
The maintainer currently uses CONEX by Erhard Hilbig with a modem
connection and this package was tested most extensively for this
configuration.  CONEX works well even on low-end PCs and can be found
for example at:

The latest version of dvgtk can be found at


Please direct all suggestions and bug reports to Tomasz J. Cholewo
<t.cholewo@ieee.org>.  I will be very grateful for all build reports
containing the host type and possibly invalid output from the
compilation process.

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (155.9k).

dvgtk – Tektronix 401x DVI previewer

A DVI file previewer for Tektronix 401x terminal emulators like Kermit, CONEX, or NCSA Telnet. The package is a development of Trevorrow (et al.)'s dvgt using the Kpathsea library.

LicensesPublic Domain Software
MaintainerTomasz J. Cholewo
TopicsDVI preview
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