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Directory biblio/bibtex/utils/tex2bib

    Input a TeX document containing \bibitems, translate these
    to BibTeX format
 		tex2bib [-k][-i infile] [-o outfile]
 		-k:  regenerate keys
 		if infile not given, reads from stdin
 		if outfile not given, prints to stdout

  The entire tex document is scanned for \bibitems, ending when
  the string '\end{thebibliography}' is read.

  Assumes that bibitems are formatted as follows:
   -- {key}author(s), (date) at the beginning
   -- titles of books or names of journals: {\em title}
   -- article titles: 	after date, `` '' quotes optional
   -- volume, pages: 	{\it vol}, nnn-nnn.
   -- publisher/address:    address:publisher
   All text in the bibitem which cannot be parsed is included
   in a note = { } field

  Examples of a book, article, inproceedings:

 \bibitem{Bertin83}Bertin, J. (1983),
         {\em Semiology of Graphics} (trans. W. Berg).  Madison, WI:
         University of Wisconsin Press.
 \bibitem{Bickel75}Bickel, P. J., Hammel, J. W. and O'Connell, J. W.
         Sex bias in graduate admissions: data from Berkeley.  {\em
         Science}, {\it 187}, 398-403.
 \bibitem{Farebrother87}Farebrother, R. W. (1987),
         ``Mechanical representations of the ${L}_1$ and ${L}_2$ estimation
         problems'', In Y. Dodge (ed.)  {\em Statistical data analysis
         based on the L1 norm and related methods}, Amsterdam:
         North-Holland., 455-464.

  These are output as:

 @Book{  Bertin:83,
     author      = {J. Bertin},
     year        = 1983,
     title       = {Semiology of Graphics},
     publisher   = {University of Wisconsin Press},
     address     = {Madison, WI},
     note        = {(trans. W. Berg).}
 @Article{       Bickel:75,
     author      = {Bickel, P. J. and Hammel, J. W. and O'Connell, J. W.},
     year        = 1975,
     title       = {Sex Bias in Graduate Admissions: Data from Berkeley},
     journal     = {Science},
     volume      = 187,
     pages       = {398-403}
 @InCollection{  Farebrother:87,
     author      = {R. W. Farebrother},
     year        = 1987,
     title       = {Mechanical Representations of the ${L}_1$ and ${L}_2$ Estimation Problems},
     booktitle   = {Statistical Data Analysis Based on the L1 Norm and Related Methods},
     editor      = {Y. Dodge},
     publisher   = {North-Holland},
     address     = {Amsterdam},
     pages       = {455-464}

  Text in a bibitem is removed from the bibitem as it is assigned to
  bibtex fields.  Any text remaining is assigned to a note={  } field
  at the end.  Since the parsing is heuristic, some manual fixup work
  can be expected at the end.

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (5.9k).

tex2bib – Extract a database from a document source

Tex2bib is a Perl script that extracts bibliographic data from a document whose author wrote out the \bibitem entries. The entire document is scanned for \bibitem entries, ending when \end{thebibliography} is encountered.

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