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isi2bibtex 0.40

Isi2bibtex converts an ISI (Institute for Scientific Information)
bibliographic database file to a BibTeX file for use in TeX and LaTeX
documents. Both formats hold bibliographic data on scientific and other
academic documents.

(In the UK, the ISI databases are commonly known as 'BIDS' or 'MIMAS WoS')

See man page for detailed instructions.


    If you don't have Perl installed, it can be got (free) from
    http://www.perl.com/ . LaTeX, BibTeX and everything else TeX can
    be downloaded from http://www.CTAN.org/ .


    set the first line of the script to point to your copy of perl
    (eg. /usr/bin/perl or /usr/local/bin/perl)

    make it executable (eg. chmod +x ./isi2bibtex)

    put it somewhere your OS can find it (eg ~/bin or /usr/local/bin):
    you may need to change your PATH environment variable

    if you want, put the configuration file (isi2bibtexrc) in your home
    directory (rename it as ~/.isi2bibtexrc first)

    put the manpage (isi2bibtex.1) somewhere where man will find it
    (eg. /usr/local/share/man/man1/), or just use the html or text
    copies instead

  Microsoft Windows

    [Note: apparently some newer windows systems do not have a DOS shell
    by default.  If you find you don't have a shell, you will probably 
    have to install one - there are several free ones available.]

    change the name of the script to isi2bibtex.pl (you'll have to use
    it as
      isi2bibtex.pl [OPTIONS] inputfile.txt [outputfile.bib]
    rather than
      isi2bibtex [OPTIONS] inputfile.txt [outputfile.bib]
    because the windows DOS shell doesn't know about the #! line)

    put it in your Perl bin directory, eg C:\Perl\bin (obviously if
    you don't have perl installed, you need to do that first: see

    if that doesn't work check the PATH environment variable
    contains your perl bin directory, and as a last resort try

            perl C:\Perl\bin\isi2bibtex.pl inputfile.txt

    if you want, put the configuration file (isi2bibtexrc) somewhere
    and change the @CONFIG variable in the script to point to that

  Other platforms

    I have no idea, but it should work on any platform that runs
    Perl 5, perhaps with a few small modifications. Isi2bibtex has
    been tested on Windows (95 and NT) and Unix. Please send me any
    portability changes.

    Copyright (C) 2000 Jonathan Swinton, Ben Bolker, Anthony Stone,
    John J. Lee

    Isi2bibtex is covered by the GPL -- see the script for details.

    Send bug reports to <jjl@pobox.com>.

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (31.0k).

isi2bibtex – Converter for ISI to

LicensesGNU General Public License
MaintainerJohn J. Lee
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See alsoisi2bib-vim
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