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ltxdiff – A Win32 program that compares tokens in two .tex files

The pro­gram com­pares to­kens in two .tex files (or di­rec­to­ries, pos­si­bly with sub­di­rec­to­ries, con­tain­ing .tex files) and marks dif­fer­ences ac­cord­ing to the op­tions set, by us­ing GNU Diff to find to­kens to be marked.

Another diff pro­gram may be used as well if it has the switches -b, -B, -d, and -E and they have the same ef­fect as with GNU diff.

Sources /support/ltxdiff
Ver­sion 0.9.0
Li­cense No Source Avail­able
Main­tainer Bernd Becker
Topics sup­port for keep­ing track of doc­u­ment de­vel­op­ment
See also latexdiff

Down­load the con­tents of this pack­age in one zip archive (68.9k).

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