CTAN Comprehensive TeX Archive Network

Query­ing the CTAN with JSON

API ver­sion 1.2

The CTAN pro­vides mean to ac­cess the database and re­trieve the in­for­ma­tion in form of JSON re­sponses. Sev­eral en­ti­ties can be queried.

The queries can be sent to the por­tal in form of a HTTP GET or POST re­quest with some pa­ram­e­ters. The re­sponse has the JSON as body. The re­quest URL and pa­ram­e­ters as well as the re­sponse are de­scribed on the de­tail pages.

There is an re­lated fea­ture for re­triev­ing XML. See Query­ing CTAN with XML for de­tails.

This is an ex­per­i­men­tal fea­ture and might be de­vel­oped fur­ther in the fu­ture. The in­ter­face is ver­sioned and in­com­pat­i­ble changes are likely to go with a new ver­sion num­ber.

Change Log

Ver­sion 1.2

  • Con­tact chan­nels added to pack­age: sup­port, bugs, an­nounce, repos­i­tory, de­vel­op­ment.
  • At­tributes fe­male and died added to au­thor in­for­ma­tion.
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