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proof­read – Com­mands for in­sert­ing an­no­ta­tions

This pack­age de­fines a few com­mands that may be use­ful when you proof­read a doc­u­ment. They al­low you to eas­ily high­light text and add com­ments in the mar­gin. Vim es­cape se­quences are pro­vided for in­sert­ing or re­mov­ing these com­mands in the source.

Op­tions are pro­vided for dis­play­ing the doc­u­ment with ex­tra line spac­ing, and for dis­play­ing it in ei­ther cor­rected or un­cor­rected state, both with­out mar­gin notes.

The pack­age is based on code for a text high­light­ing com­mand that was pub­lished by An­tal Spec­tor-Zabusky on http://tex.stack­ex­change.com/ques­tions/5959.

The main file, proof­read.dtx, is self-ex­tract­ing, so you can gen­er­ate the style file by com­pil­ing proof­read.dtx with pdf.

This pack­age is based on the soul pack­age; so if you plan to high­light non-ASCII char­ac­ters, you must com­pile your source with ei­ther - or Lua-based com­pil­ers.

Ver­sion1.04 2019-04-25
Copy­right2017 Wybo Dekker
Main­tainerWybo H. Dekker

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