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dashrule – Draw dashed rules

The dashrule pack­age makes it easy to draw a huge va­ri­ety of dashed rules (i.e., lines) in . dashrule pro­vides a com­mand, \hdashrule, which is a cross be­tween 's \rule and PostScript's set­dash com­mand. \hdashrule draws hor­i­zon­tally dashed rules us­ing the same syn­tax as \rule, but with an ad­di­tional, set­dash-like pa­ram­e­ter that spec­i­fies the pat­tern of dash seg­ments and the space be­tween those seg­ments. Be­cause dashrule's rules are con­structed in­ter­nally us­ing \rule (as op­posed to, e.g., PostScript \spe­cials) they are fully com­pat­i­ble with ev­ery back-end pro­ces­sor.

Main­tainerScott Pakin

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