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CTAN package update: glossaries

Date: April 4, 2011 12:31:16 PM CEST
Dr Nicola L C Talbot wrote: > Announcement text: > > v3.0 (Major changes): > > * Documentation has been restructured: > > - glossaries-user: main user manual > - glossariesbegin: cut-down introduction for beginners > - mfirstuc-manual: user manual for mfirstuc package > - glossaries.pdf: documented code for advanced users > - glossary2glossaries: upgrading from glossary.sty to glossaries.sty > > * Added new package options: > > - entrycounter : number main (level 0) entries in the glossary. > > - counterwithin : set parent counter for the entry counter. > > - subentrycounter : number level 1 entries in the glossary. > > - sort : set the sort order to > - standard alphabetical (sort=standard), > - order of definition (sort=def) > - order of use (sort=use) > > - seeautonumberlist : automatically activates the number list > for entries that use the "see" key. > > - savewrites : minimise number of \newwrite > > - compatible-2.07 : > > bug fixes in v3.0 have cause compatibility problems. This > package option will restore the old behaviour but bugs will > remain. (Should mostly only effect documents that used > \noist with a custom Xindy style file.) > > * \printglossary sets \currentglossary to the current glossary's > label. (Allows custom glossary styles access to the glossary > type.) > > * Modified internal workings of acronyms and: > > - Added starred versions of \acrshort etc. > > - Added "long", "short", "longplural" and "shortplural" keys > (Reserved for use with \newacronym.) > > - Added analogous "longaccess", "shortaccess", "longpluralaccess" > and "shortpluralaccess" keys for \newacronym in > glossaries-accsupp.sty > > * Added \glsseeitemformat to customise the text given in the link > created by \glsseeitem. > > * \newglossaryentry key "nonumberlist" now boolean. > > * added debugging commands \showgloname etc. > > * now loads etoolbox: > > - replaced \DeclareRobustCommand with \newrobustcmd > > - replaced \@ifundefined with \ifcsundef > > - replaced \let...\undefined with \undef... > > * Bug Fixes: > > - now works with equation counter in amsmath's align > environment. > > - Mixed counters now work with xindy option. > > - Fixed hyperlinks in location numbers where \theH<counter> > has a prefix not present in \the<counter>. > > - If title specified in \printglossary but toctitle hasn't > been specified, make toctitle same as supplied title. > > - \newglossaryentry "see" key and \glssee now sanitize and escape > special characters before writing to output file. (Allows > user to redefine \seename any point before \printglossary or > \printglossaries.) > > - \glshyperlink: Changed the default value of the optional argument > to \glsentrytext instead of \glsentryname. > > * mfirstuc.sty (v1.05): > > - added \glsmakefirstuc (replaces \@gls at makefirstuc) to make > it easier to customise. > > makeglossaries (v2.02): > > * now displays version number on startup unless -q > > * added more diagnostics to give more helpful messages than > those supplied by xindy or makeindex. i have installed the new version, but the change to the catalogue entry is going to take a little longer than usual. it will be in place by the time the catalogue is updated tonight. Users may view the package's catalogue entry at http://www.tex.ac.uk/tex-archive/help/Catalogue/entries/glossaries.html or browse the package's directory at http://www.tex.ac.uk/tex-archive/macros/latex/contrib/glossaries/ The catalogue entry will change (somewhat) by tomorrow morning. Robin Fairbairns For the CTAN team

glossaries – Create glossaries and lists of acronyms

The glossaries package supports acronyms and multiple glossaries, and has provision for operation in several languages (using the facilities of either babel or polyglossia). New entries are defined to have a name and description (and optionally an associated symbol). Support for multiple languages is offered, and plural forms of terms may be specified. An additional package, glossaries-accsupp, can make use of the accsupp package mechanisms for accessibility support for PDF files containing glossaries.

The user may define new glossary styles, and preambles and postambles can be specified. There is provision for loading a database of terms, but only terms used in the text will be added to the relevant glossary.

The package uses an indexing program to provide the actual glossary; either makeindex or xindy may serve this purpose, and a Perl script is provided to serve as interface.

This package requires the mfirstuc package.

The package supersedes the author’s glossary package (which is now obsolete).

Version4.54 2024-04-03
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