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Date: April 6, 2019 4:37:49 PM CEST
Vít Novotný submitted an update to the markdown package. Version number: 2.7.0 2019-04-04 License type: lppl1.3 Summary description: A package for converting and rendering markdown documents inside TeX Announcement text:
Development: - Added Natbib citation renderer to LaTeX. - Added the `slice` Lua option for content slicing -- typesetting only certain parts of a markdown document. Thanks to David Vins <https://github.com/dvins> and Omedym <https://www.omedym.com> for sponsoring the development of content slicing. Fixes: - Stopped using the possibly active ASCII double quote characters (") after the \input TeX command. - Added space before the second parameter in the basic LaTeX citation renderer. - Fixed the outputDir Lua option, which enables the use of the -output-directory TeX option. - Added support for Lua 5.3, which has been part of LuaTeX since 1.08. - Fixed the non-terminating LaTeX citation renderers for BibTeX and Natbib. - Fixed the capability of the unit testing script to add expected outcome to unfinished testfiles. Documentation: - Finished the user manual. - Removed spurious commas in the documentation. - Used CTAN-compatible markdown markup in the README. Miscellaneous: - Made the unit testing script write Lua stack trace to the terminal when a test fails.
This package is located at http://mirror.ctan.org/macros/generic/markdown More information is at https://www.ctan.org/pkg/markdown
Thanks for the upload. For the CTAN Team Erik Braun
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markdown – Converting and rendering markdown documents inside

The package provides facilities for the conversion of markdown markup to plain . These are provided both in form of a Lua module and in form of plain , , and Cont macro packages that enable the direct inclusion of markdown documents inside documents.

Architecturally, the package consists of the Lunamark Lua module by John MacFarlane, which was slimmed down and rewritten for the needs of the package. Lunamark provides speedy markdown parsing for the rest of the package. On top of Lunamark sits code for the plain , , and Cont formats by Vít Novotný.

Version2.23.0-0-g0b22f91 2023-04-27
Copyright2009–2016 John MacFarlane, Hans Hagen
2016–2023 Vít Novotný
MaintainerVít Novotný



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