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Date: March 9, 2022 8:48:39 AM CET
Max Chernoff submitted an update to the lua-widow-control package. Version number: 2.0.0 2022-03-07 License type: other-free cc-by-sa-4 Summary description: Automatically remove widows and orphans from any document Announcement text:
**Breaking Changes** - Page breaks may be slightly different - Removed `\lwcemergencystretch` and `\lwcdisablecmd` in LaTeX. Please use the new key–value interface Other Changes - Use expl3 for the LaTeX files (#20) - Use a key–value interface for configuration with LaTeX (#11) - Silence some extraneous `luatexbase` info messages - Add a "debug mode" to print extra information (#12) - Fix error message line wrapping - Don't reset `\interlinepenalty` and `\brokenpenalty` - Set and analyze `\displaywidowpenalty` - Keep section headings with moved orphans (#17) - Add the ability to configure the maximum paragraph cost (#22) - Add a "strict" mode - Use an improved cost function to select the best paragraph to lengthen (#23) - Dozens of bug fixes - Miscellaneous documentation updates You can view the full changelog on GitHub: https://github.com/gucci-on-fleek/lua-widow-control/compare/release-2c7201854d89535ef7c02f6c38486205677f1aa1...release-cea06ddad8dfcf15fa9ba2a86c6640648b9df523
This package is located at https://mirrors.ctan.org/macros/luatex/generic/lua-widow-control More information is at https://www.ctan.org/pkg/lua-widow-control
Thanks for the upload. For the CTAN Team Erik Braun
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lua-widow-control – Automatically remove widows and orphans from any document

Unmodified has very few ways of preventing widows and orphans. In documents with figures, section headings, and equations, can stretch the vertical glue between items in order to prevent widows and orphans, but many documents have no figures or headings. can also shorten the page by 1 line, but this will give each page a different length which can make a document look uneven. The typical solution is to strategically insert \looseness=1, but this requires manual editing every time that the document is edited. Lua-widow-control is essentially an automation of the \looseness method: it uses Lua callbacks to find “stretchy” paragraphs, then it lengthens them to remove widows and orphans.

Lua-widow-control is compatible with all Lua and LuaMeta-based formats. All that is required is to load the package at the start of your document. To load:

  • Plain Lua: \input lua-widow-control
  • Lua: \usepackage{lua-widow-control}
  • Cont: \usemodule[lua-widow-control]
  • Op: \load[lua-widow-control]

Version3.0.1 2024-03-11
Copyright2021–2022 gucci-on-fleek
MaintainerMax Chernoff



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