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CTAN up­date: lineno 4.11 and ed­notes 1.1

Date: March 9, 2005 10:35:51 AM CET
On Wed, 9 Mar 2005 Uwe Lück sub­mit­ted up­dates to his pack­age's lineno and ed­notes Lo­ca­tions on CTAN: macros/la­tex/con­trib/{lineno,ed­notes} Li­cense type: LaTeX Project An­nounce­ment text for lineno:
1. Rows of `ar­ray' and sim­i­lar math en­vi­ron­ments may be treated like usual lines, be num­bered ac­cord­ingly (in­cluded in the se­quence of sur­round­ing text lines), and be re­ferred to by these num­bers. Thus they also can be sub­ject to ed­notes.sty. To make use of this, please read the CHANGES.txt next. 2. \linela­bel pro­duces an er­ror out­side line num­ber­ing mode. This may be help­ful when you have for­got­ten to switch and won­der why all line num­bers are 1, e.g. -- also with ed­notes.sty. 3. Some ex­pla­na­tions in lineno.sty/tex/pdf have been amended -- cf. CHANGES.txt for de­tails.
An­nounce­ment text for ed­notes:
This up­grade is mainly con­cerned with 1. the num­ber of pos­si­ble notes, 2. page break os­cil­la­tions, 3. `ar­ray' and sim­i­lar math­e­mat­i­cal en­vi­ron­ments, and with 4. a hope­fully help­ful er­ror mes­sage; also with 5. amend­ments of doc­u­men­ta­tion. Namely (see CHANGES.txt for more de­tails): 1. Reim­ple­men­ta­tion of `ed­notes.sty' with ver­sion v1.1, vi­tal for huge edi­tions ("com­mer­cial"/"pro­fes­sional" ap­pli­ca­tions). You can now make three times as many notes as be­fore, re­gard­ing the mem­ory com­part­ment for mul­ti­let­ter con­trol strings. One user ex­hausted this by 11.000 notes on 450 pages (re­cent MiKTeX in­stal­la­tion). Now he can add an­other 22.000 notes ... Warn­ing: Cus­tomiza­tions of \re­peatref and \linewith­page as well as op­tion `coun­toc­cur­rences' need up­dates. 2. A check­ing func­tion has been added for find­ing start­ings of page break os­cil­la­tions. Th­ese typ­i­cally must be fixed for get­ting cor­rect ref­er­ences to lem­mas in the ap­pa­ra­tus. Ex­pla­na­tions in `lblch­ng1.sty' v0.2 needed to be re­placed by some of v0.32. 3. The `edtable' op­tion of `ed­notes.sty' now sup­ports math en­vi­ron­ments like `ar­ray'. Ex­pla­na­tions (`edtable.sty' v1.3) have been ex­tended con­sid­er­ably, struc­tured more clearly, and sup­plied with ex­am­ples. 4. You get an er­ror mes­sage when you have for­got­ten to switch into line num­ber­ing mode. I gen­er­al­ize from my own ex­pe­ri­ence that this may be use­ful when strangely ev­ery­thing refers to line no. 1 ... 5. Doc­u­men­ta­tions in `lineno.sty/tex/pdf' and `ed­no­tugb.pdf' have been amended (ad­di­tion­ally).
Thanks for the up­load. For the CTAN Team Rainer Schöpf

lineno – Line num­bers on para­graphs

Adds line num­bers to se­lected para­graphs with ref­er­ence pos­si­ble through the \ref and \pageref cross ref­er­ence mech­a­nism.

Line num­ber­ing may be ex­tended to foot­note lines, us­ing the fn­li­neno pack­age.

Main­tainerUwe Lück
Stephan Böttcher (in­ac­tive)



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