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new version of fncylab.sty

Date: August 13, 2003 11:51:30 AM CEST
fncylab is a jiffy package that helps to change the way in which labels are defined. (the package itself contains the source of a small test/example document.) this new version adds a command \Ref, suggested by Frank Mittelbach for the package. \Ref is for use when referring to a fancy label at the start of a sentence: it capitalises the first letter of the label. Robin Fairbairns (prolific author of trivial packages) For the CTAN team

fncylab – Alter the format of \label references

provides a mechanism for altering the appearance of references to labels, but it’s somewhat flawed, and requires that the user manipulate internal commands. The package solves the problem, by providing a \labelformat command for changing the format of references to labels.

The package also provides a \Ref command to make reference to such redefined labels at the start of a sentence.

MaintainerDavid Carlisle
Robin Fairbairns (deceased)



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