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CTAN pack­age up­date: an­tomega, cm-lgc, grk­finst, ofntinst

Date: May 10, 2005 4:44:47 PM CEST
The pack­age's de­scribed be­low have been up­dated on tug.ctan.org and should make it to your fa­vorite mir­ror real, real soon. Thanks for the up­dates, Jim Hef­feron This is the up­date mes­sage from the pack­age main­tainer: ========================================================== I have just up­loaded to tug.ctan.org/in­com­ing new ver­sions of my 4 pack­age's, namely an­tomega v. 0.8, cm-lgc v. 0.5, ofntinst 0.2.2 and grk­finst 0.3.2. Please up­date the cor­re­spond­ing di­rec­to­ries on CTAN (an­tomega is in­stalled into sys­tems/omega/con­trib/an­tomega/, cm-lgc into fonts/ps-type1/cm-lgc/, and my fontinst pack­age's into fonts/util­i­ties/fontinst-con­trib/). Note that cm-lgc 0.5 is a ma­jor new re­lease, with a lot of new fea­tures added (the full list of en­hance­ments is avail­able in the HISTORY file in­side the pack­age). An­tomega 0.8 is a great step to a re­ally sta­ble ver­sion, and, al­though I con­tinue a se­quen­tial ver­sion num­ber­ing, it may be con­sid­ered a ma­jor new re­lease too. The fol­low­ing new fea­tures are most im­por­tant ones: ======================================================= - -- added (ex­per­i­men­tal) sup­port files for new lan­guages (Span­ish and Latin); - -- added spe­cial op­tions al­low­ing to use an­tomega with Sci­en­tific Word/Sci­en­tific Work­place; - -- added a con­cept of Uni­code-based en­cod­ing def­i­ni­tions, so that stan­dard en­cod­ing de­scrip­tion files (like t1enc.def) are no longer used by an­tomega; - -- new con­cept of han­dling TeX ac­cents and Uni­code com­bin­ing ac­cent marks is in­tro­duced, al­low­ing to workaround the known Omega prob­lem. In Omega the \ac­cent com­mand may pro­duce cor­rect re­sults only if its sec­ond ar­gu­ment is given in doc­u­ment's out­put en­cod­ing; but this is no longer a prob­lem for an­tomega. - -- Greek hy­phen­ation pat­terns up­dated. - -- Thanks in ad­vance, Alexej Kryukov

an­tomega – Al­ter­na­tive lan­guage sup­port for Omega/Lambda

A lan­guage sup­port pack­age for Omega/Lambda. This re­places the orig­i­nal omega pack­age for use with Lambda, and pro­vides ex­tra fa­cil­i­ties (in­clud­ing Ba­bel-like lan­guage switch­ing, which eases port­ing of doc­u­ments to Lambda).

Main­tainerAlexey Kryukov



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