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Date: March 11, 2003 7:26:04 PM CET
----- For­warded mes­sage from Mau­r­izio Loreti ----- + what you've up­loaded in­com­ing/ini­tials.tar.gz + which CTAN node you've up­loaded to ftp.dante.de + where you want the files to go tex-archive/fonts/ini­tials/ + what li­cens­ing con­di­tions you ap­ply to your soft­ware non-com­mer­cial (for the fonts; the macros are pub­lic do­main) + a brief sum­mary of what your up­load is in­tended to do From the README file:
This archive con­tains PostScript bi­nary files for a few "dec­o­ra­tive ini­tials" (also called "dropped ini­tials") fonts, and the ser­vice files needed in or­der to use these fonts with [La]TeX. The fonts are freely us­able for non-com­mer­cial use, and are a (small) sub­set of the ones de­signed and crafted by: Di­eter St­eff­mann Mar­burger Stra├če 93a D-57223 Kreuz­tal (Ger­many) and avail­able un­der his Web page http://www.steff­mann.de/en­glish/in­dex.htm (fol­low the link to "Fonts"). That URL states: "You may down­load [the fonts] for free and use them for per­sonal pur­poses."; my own files (all but the .pfb and .afm from the fol­low­ing list) are pub­lic do­main. The files in­cluded in the dis­tri­bu­tion are: .pfb files: PostScript Font Bi­nary files; .afm files: Adobe Font Met­ric files; .tfm files: TeX Font Met­ric files, for LaTeX; .fd files: Font De­scrip­tion files, for LaTeX; con­fig files: con­fig­u­ra­tion files, for dvips; .map files: font map­ping files, for dvips; .tex files: ex­am­ple files; .pdf files: Portable Doc­u­ment For­mat out­put from the above ex­am­ple files.
----- End for­warded mes­sage ----- Thank you very much for the up­load. I in­stalled the pack­age in the di­rec­tory CTAN:/tex-archive/non­free/fonts/ini­tials/ with a sym­bolic link from tex-archive/fonts/ini­tials/ Rein­hard Zierke for the CTAN team

ini­tials – Adobe Type 1 dec­o­ra­tive ini­tial fonts

For each font, at least a .pfb and a .tfm file is pro­vided, with an .fd file for use with .

Main­tainerDi­eter St­eff­mann
Mau­r­izio Loreti (in­ac­tive)



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