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CTAN sub­mis­sion – fontinst up­date

Date: May 26, 2002 10:44:28 AM CEST
----- For­warded mes­sage from Wal­ter Sch­midt ----- I have up­loaded the file fi-up­date.zip to the /in­com­ing di­rec­tory at dante.ctan.org. It in­cludes up-to-date 8y.etx and 8r.etx files with Euro char­ac­ter, to go into the fontinst "pre-re­lease" Th­ese .etx files match the cor­re­spond­ing en­cod­ing vec­tors tex­nansi.enc and 8r.enc now. (The lat­ter was re­cently up­dated to­gether with PSNFSS ver­sion 9.) Please, un­zip fi-up­date.zip in the CTAN di­rec­tory fonts/util­i­ties/fontinst-pre­re­lease. Do­ing so will over­write the fol­low­ing files: in­puts/etx/8r.etx in­puts/etx/8y.etx man­i­fest.tex man­i­fest.txt thank you very much Wal­ter Sch­midt ----- End for­warded mes­sage ----- Thanks for the up­load. I habe in­stalled the new files in CTAN:/tex-archive/fonts/util­i­ties/fontinst-pre­re­lease as sug­gested. -- Rein­hard Zierke for the CTAN team

fontinst – Help with in­stalling fonts for and

macros for con­vert­ing Adobe Font Met­ric files to met­ric and vir­tual font for­mat. Fon­tinst helps mainly with the num­ber crunch­ing and shov­el­ling parts of font in­stal­la­tion. This means in prac­tice that it cre­ates a num­ber of files which give the met­rics (and re­lated in­for­ma­tion) for a font fam­ily that needs to do any type­set­ting in these fonts. Fon­tinst fur­ther­more makes it easy to cre­ate fonts con­tain­ing glyphs from more than one base font, tak­ing ad­van­tage of (e.g.) "ex­pert" font sets.

Fon­tinst can­not ex­am­ine files to see if they con­tain any use­ful in­for­ma­tion, nor au­to­mat­i­cally search for files or work with bi­nary file for­mats; those tasks must nor­mally be done man­u­ally or with the help of some other tool, such as the pltotf and vp­tovf pro­grams.

Copy­right1998–2001 The fontinst main­te­nance team
Main­tainerLars Hell­ström
Alan Jef­frey (in­ac­tive)
Ul­rik Vi­eth (in­ac­tive)
Se­bas­tian Rahtz pkg.au­thor.died



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