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CTAN update – snapshot pkg version 1.13

Date: March 5, 2002 9:43:03 AM CET
----- Forwarded message from Michael John Downes ----- I have submitted a new version 1.13 of the LaTeX package "snapshot". There are two main changes in this version: 1. Give suitable warnings for files listed in an embedded \RequireVersions statement that do not appear in \@filelist, and vice versa. (This was on the to-do list.) 2. Add a "test" option that might be used, with some auxiliary scripting, as a sort of system-independent way to resolve file names to a full path for the files listed in the \RequireVersions info. ----- End forwarded message ----- Thanks for the submission. I installed it as suggested replacing the old version in CTAN:/tex-archive/macros/latex/contrib/supported/snapshot/ Reinhard Zierke for the CTAN team

snapshot – List the external dependencies of a document

The snapshot package helps the owner of a document obtain a list of the external dependencies of the document, in a form that can be embedded at the top of the document. It provides a snapshot of the current processing context of the document, insofar as it can be determined from inside . If a document contains such a dependency list, then it becomes possible to arrange that the document be processed always with the same versions of everything, in order to ensure the same output. This could be useful for someone wanting to keep a document on hand and consistently reproduce an identical DVI file from it, on the fly; or for someone wanting to shield a document during the final stages of its production cycle from unexpected side effects of routine upgrades to the system.

MaintainerThe American Mathematical Society
Michael J. Downes (deceased)



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