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Date: Novem­ber 8, 2001 2:23:48 PM CET
----- For­warded mes­sage from Jochen Küp­per ----- + what you've up­loaded jk­the­sis.tar.gz + which CTAN node you've up­loaded to ftp.dante.de/in­com­ing + where you want the files to go Re­plac­ing ev­ery­thing in ftp://ftp.dante.de/tex-archive/macros/la­tex/con­trib/sup­ported/jk­the­sis/ + what li­cens­ing con­di­tions you ap­ply to your soft­ware LPPL + a brief sum­mary of what your up­load is in­tended to do. ,----[README.jk­the­sis] | Just an­other LaTeX doc­u­ment class for for­mat­ting your the­sis. | | Copy­right (C) 2000,2001 Jochen Küp­per | | See the TeX-doc­u­men­ta­tion for more de­tails --- I am sorry that the | docs cur­rently are Ger­man only, but this was needed for our | school. When I have some time (not a res­on­able as­sump­tion) I will | write an English man­ual as well (vol­un­teers are well­come). | | Please send bug-re­ports, sug­ges­tions, patches to jochen at jochen-kuep­per.de. | | The most re­cent sta­ble ver­sion of this class can be ob­tained from | CTAN(dante.ctan.org):macros/la­tex/con­trib/sup­ported/jk­the­sis/ | | Jochen | | PS: Feel free to change this class to your needs/feel­ings. | Please do not dis­tribute your changed ver­sion as jk­the­sis, but do send me | your changes, so I can con­sider to in­cor­po­rate them into jk­the­sis. | | PPS: You can look at one the­sis for­mat­ted us­ing this class at | http://www.ulb.uni-dues­sel­dorf.de/diss/math­nat/2000/kuep­per.pdf `---- ----- End for­warded mes­sage ----- Thanks for the sub­mis­sion. I in­stalled the new ver­sion as sug­gested in CTAN:/tex-archive/macros/la­tex/con­trib/sup­ported/jk­the­sis/ Rein­hard Zierke for the CTAN team

jk­the­sis – Doc­u­ment class for for­mat­ting a the­sis

For use for dis­ser­ta­tions in the Hein­rich-Heine-Univer­sität Düs­sel­dorf.

Main­tainerJochen Küp­per



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