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CTAN submission – pdftricks 1.15

Date: October 4, 2001 10:53:42 AM CEST
----- Forwarded message from Radhakrishnan CV ----- > 1. Uploaded pdftricks-1.15.tar.gz to /incoming/pdftricks of > ftp.dante.de > > 3. shall go to > /tex-archive/macros/latex/contrib/supported/pdftricks by > replacing the existing contents of the directory > > The following major changes are made: > > 1. pdftricks automatically finds out whether shell escape facility > is available in the user's pdfTeX implementation. > > 2. If yes, it does the processing of pstricks figures using shell > escape facility. If not, pdftricks silently writes the external > figure files to be manually processed. > > 3. A shell script, pst2pdf is supplied to automate the processing > of figure files generated in the first run of pdfTeX, if shell > escape is not available in the pdfTeX implementation. > > 4. A new command, \NoProcess[fig number list] to suppress the > processing of figures, is introduced in this version. ----- End forwarded message ----- Thanks for the submission. I installed the new version as suggested in CTAN:/tex-archive/macros/latex/contrib/supported/pdftricks/ Reinhard Zierke for the CTAN team

pdftricks – Support for PSTricks in pdf

The PSTricks macros cannot be used (directly) with pdf, since PSTricks uses PostScript arithmetic, which isn't part of PDF. This package circumvents this limitation so that the extensive facilities offered by the powerful PSTricks package can be made use of in a pdf document. This is done using the shell escape function available in current implementations.

The package may also be used in support of other ‘PostScript-output-only’ packages, such as PSfrag.

For alternatives, users may care to review the discussion in the PSTricks online documentation.

MaintainerC. V. Radhakrishnan
C. V. Rajagopal



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