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%% Package `pst-solides3d.tex'
If you like to get the documentation file in another format run 

latex pst-solides3d-doc.tex
bibtex pst-solides3d-doc
latex pst-solides3d-doc.tex
dvips pst-solides3d-doc.dvi

to get a PostScript file. But pay attention, that the pst-solides3d
files are saved in the above mentioned way, before you run
latex on the documentation file.

The intermediate DVI file works only with viewers which can 
interprete the embedded PostScript code.

For another PDF output read the introduction from
the documentation.


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README 543 2013-04-12 10:42:58

Down­load the con­tents of this pack­age in one zip archive (8.0M).

pst-solides3d – Draw per­spec­tive views of 3D solids

The pack­age is de­signed to draw solids in 3d per­spec­tive. Fea­tures in­clude:

  • cre­ate prim­i­tive solids;
  • cre­ate solids by in­clud­ing a list of its ver­tices and faces;
  • faces of solids and sur­faces can be col­ored by choos­ing from a very large palette of col­ors;
  • draw para­met­ric sur­faces in al­ge­braic and re­verse pol­ish no­ta­tion;
  • cre­ate ex­plicit and pa­ram­e­ter­ized al­ge­braic func­tions drawn in 2 or 3 di­men­sions;
  • project text onto a plane and onto the faces of a solid;
  • sup­port for in­clud­ing ex­ter­nal database files.

Li­censeThe LaTeX Project Public Li­cense 1.3
Copy­right2008-2014 Manuel Luque, Ar­naud Sch­mit­tbuhl, Jean-Paul Vig­nault, Her­bert Voß
Main­tainerManuel Luque
Her­bert Voß
Jean-Paul Vig­nault
Ar­naud Sch­mit­tbuhl
Con­tained inTeXlive as pst-solides3d
MikTeX as pst-solides3d
Topics graph­ics with 3-di­men­sional out­put
pack­age us­ing PStricks for graph­i­cal out­put
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