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Sys­tems and TeX macros for pro­duc­ing graph­ics


Name Notes
3DLDF Three-di­men­sional draw­ing with out­put
AddTeX2Eps Use LaTeX syn­tax on EPS fig­ures, within Math­e­mat­ica
MF-PS -PostScript con­ver­sions
asymptote 2D and 3D TeX-Aware Vec­tor Graph­ics Lan­guage
asypictureb User-friendly in­te­gra­tion of Asymp­tote into LaTeX
axodraw Feyn­man di­a­grams in a LaTeX doc­u­ment
bardiag LateX pack­age for draw­ing bar di­a­grams
bclogo Creat­ing colour­ful boxes with lo­gos
bit2spr Con­vert bitmaps to "sprites"
bm2font Con­vert bitmaps to PK fonts
circuit_macros M4 Macros for Elec­tric cir­cuit di­a­grams
degrade De­grade JPEG im­ages on the fly, prior to in­clu­sion
dot2tex Con­vert graphs gen­er­ated by Graphviz to LaTeX friendly for­mats
dratex Gen­eral draw­ing macros
drawing Sim­ple draw­ings with
duotenzor Draw­ing pack­age for cir­cuit and duoten­sor di­a­grams
epix Util­ity for math­e­mat­i­cally ac­cu­rate, cam­era qual­ity plots and line fig­ures
fig2eng Con­vert fig files to English
fig2mf Con­vert fig out­put to
fig2mfpic Con­vert fig out­put to mf­pic
fig4latex Man­age­ment of fig­ures for large LaTeX doc­u­ments
figfrag Con­vert xfig fig­ures with em­bed­ded la­tex com­mands to EPS
finomaton Com­fort­ably draw and type­set fi­nite state ma­chines
gapfill Gen­er­ate LaTeX pic­ture en­vi­ron­ments from PostScript out­put of draw­ing pro­grams
gastex Graphs and Au­tomata Sim­pli­fied in TeX
gchords Type­set gui­tar chords
graphtex Graphs the­ory and re­lated di­a­grams in a TeX doc­u­ment
hpgl2ps Trans­late HPGL to PostScript
interactiveplot Pro­vides an in­ter­face to cre­ate in­ter­ac­tive 2D/3D func­tions in­side a PDF file.
⇒ /graph­ics/jpicedt
jflap2tikz Con­vert JFlap file into a LaTeX file de­pict­ing the au­toma­ton us­ing TikZ
jpgfdraw Vec­tor graph­ics ap­pli­ca­tion for LaTeX users
jpicedt A graph­i­cal ed­i­tor gen­er­at­ing LaTeX com­mands
lcircuit Cir­cuit sym­bols for use in LaTeX pic­ture mode
mactotex Con­vert "Mac­in­tosh PostScript" for use with TeX
mathspic A Perl fil­ter pro­gram for use with PiCTeX
metaplot Plot-ma­nip­u­la­tion macros for use in
mf2tex Add la­bels into draw­ings cre­ated with
mfpic Draw /post pic­tures from (La)TeX com­mands
mma2ltx Use Math­e­mat­ica graph­ics in a LaTeX doc­u­ment
mol2chemfig Con­vert chem­i­cal struc­tures from MDL molfile for­mat to chem­fig source code
pbmtopk Con­ver­sion be­tween PBM and PK for­mats
⇒ /macros/la­tex/con­trib/pdf­tex-def
pdftricks Sup­port for pstricks in pdfTeX
pdftricks2 Use pstricks in pdfTeX
pgf PDF and PostScript graph­ics in TeX
pictex Pic­ture draw­ing macros for TeX and LaTeX
prerex In­ter­ac­tive ed­i­tor and macro sup­port for pre­req­ui­site charts
psfig A graph­ics in­clu­sion pack­age
pstex Pro­ces­sor for in­clud­ing fig­ures in LaTeX
pstricks PostScript macros for TeX
qcircuit Macros to gen­er­ate quan­tum ciruits
sam2p Con­vert bitmap for­mats to com­pact PS/PDF
sketch A 3d sketch lan­guage trans­la­tor
sparklines Draw­ing sparklines: in­tense, sim­ple, word­like graph­ics
svg In­clude and ex­tract SVG pic­tures us­ing Inkscape
texcad32 Win32 draw­ing pack­age for math­e­mat­i­cal di­a­grams
texdraw Graph­i­cal macros, us­ing em­bed­ded PostScript
texpict Create draw­ings for LaTeX
tiff The tiff graph­ics pack­age
tktexcad Gen­er­ate LaTeX pic­ture en­vi­ron­ments
tpic2pdftex Use tpic com­mands in PDFTeX
tpx A draw­ing tool for Win­dows
transfig Trans­form xfig pic­tures into many other for­mats
tree Lin­guis­tic trees with a pre­pro­ces­sor
xetex Graph­ics for XTeX
⇒ /graph­ics/xe­tex/pstricks
xfig XWin­dows vec­tor draw­ing pro­gram
xtexcad Sim­ple draw­ing pro­gram for LaTeX use
zigaretten Pro­pa­ganda and mind-numb­ing for cigarette ad­dicts
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