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Will Robertson

Extra control of appendices
Class for typesetting ACTIVE conference papers
A user-friendly wrapper around \enlargethispage
Commands for using Asymptote figures
Wrapper for pst-pdf (with some psfrag features)
Make chapters be typeset like sections
Control the typesetting of the abstract environment
Aids for printing simple booklets
Automatic line breaking of displayed equations
Support for Bezier curves
Bundle individual documents into a single document
Change the page layout in the middle of a document
Margin adjustment and detection of odd/even pages
Change the resetting of counters
Continuation headings and legends for floats
Document non-LaTeX code
Generate Unicode characters from accented glyphs
A new interface for environments in LaTeX
EMPHasizing EQuations
A package for typesetting epigraphs
Unicode font encoding definitions for XTeX
Advanced font selection in XLaTeX and LuaLaTeX
Print font tables from a LaTeX document
Symbol manipulation for breqn
Hard wrap text to a certain character length
Hanging paragraphs
Disable/enable hypenation
Class for typesetting articles for the ICSV conference
If-then-else command for processing potentially empty arguments
Conditionals to test which platform is being used
Calculate inverse file paths
Am I running under XTeX?
Display various elements of a document's layout
Define leading with a length
The new \makecommand command always (re)defines a command
Manage mathematics typesetting style
Logical markup for lists
Mathematical tools to use with amsmath
A simple type of box for LaTeX
Environment for vertical centring
The MH bundle
Insert pagebreak if not enough space
Generalisations of the page advance commands
User level management of LaTeX input and output
Typeset articles for PracTeX
Support for psfrag within pdfLaTeX
Print lengths using specified units
Notes at end of document
Access OpenType subscript and superscript glyphs
Generate roman numerals instead of arabic digits
Provide sectioning information for package writers
Unify maths subscript height
Section numbering and table of contents control
Trim spaces around an argument or within a macro
Control over the typesetting of the \maketitle command
Unicode mathematics support for XTeX and LuaTeX
Variable-width multiple text columns
Mark vertical rules in margin of text
Aids for typesetting simple verse
Reference documentation of XTeX
"Extras" for LaTeX users of XTeX
Break tables across pages
Split-level fractions in latex2e*
OpenType ‘loader’ for Plain TeX and LaTeX
A small collection of minimal DTX examples
The MH bundle "setup" function
OpenType Unicode maths fonts
Add bibliography/index/contents to Table of Contents
Control table of contents, figures, etc
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