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RTF-stuff 1.06a1
05 Apr 91	Paul DuBois	dubois@primate.wisc.edu

This directory contains source and documentation [sic] for a simple
RTF (Rich Text Format) translation tool.  Files in this format can be
produced with, e.g., Microsoft Word, or on NeXT machines.

If you use the Imakefile, you must obtain the WRPRC imake distribution.
If you want to skip that and just use the Makefile you will have to edit
some of the make variable definitions.  Use "make -n" and "make -n install"
to see what will happen on your machine first!

Documentation that is in troff format should be formatted with the -ms

The WRPRC imake distribution is available via anonymous ftp to host
indri.primate.wisc.edu (Internet address in ~ftp/pub.

The translators currently available are listed below.  Most of them
don't do anything interesting.

rtf2null	RTF -> nothing
rtf2text	RTF -> plain text
rtf2troff	RTF -> troff
rtfwc		"translates" RTF into character, word and paragraph count
rtfdiag		RTF diagnostic program, used mainly to test RTF reader
rtfskel		RTF translator skeleton, for use in building new translators

Each translator uses a tool which reads an RTF input stream and passes
pieces of it to a writer.

There is also a tool, rtfindent, which reads an RTF file and writes it in
somewhat more readable form.  This is helpful when designing a translator,
to see what RTF files look like, but the output should not be fed into
a translator.

Distribution files of interest:

rtf.h		RTF header file; include in any source file using
		RTF-specific info.
reader.c	RTF reader.  Must be part of any RTF translator.  See the
		sample translators for examples of use.
rtfskel.c	Skeleton translator.  You can rip this apart to use as the
		basis for new translators.
Porting		Some notes on machine dependencies.

Version History:

20 Jan 91 V1.00.  Project conceived.

07 Feb 91 V1.01.  First release for FTP on indri.

08 Feb 91 V1.02.  Added rtfskel.

08 Feb 91 V1.03.  Style reprocessing and built-in destination readers were
	actually tried in the balance.  And found wanting.  Fixed 'em.
	Put some actually useful stuff in rtfdiag.

09 Feb 91 V1.04.  Renamed rtfAscii class to rtfText.  Original name was poor
	since character values can be outside ascii range (> 127).

04 Mar 91 V1.05.  Lots of changes, most notably that twice as many control
	symbols are recognized by the reader.  Also some bug fixes.  See

05 Apr 91 V1.06a1.  Alpha release of 1.06.  See "1.06-changes".  Major
	thing is tbl support for rtf2troff.
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