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metsymb – The package provides dedicated commands to generate (vectorial) meteorological symbols

The metsymb package introduces commands to generate official meteorological symbols with vectorial quality. These include: oktas (\zerookta, \oneokta, \twooktas, \ldots), cloud genera (\cirrus, \cirrostratus, \nimbostratus, ...), and C_L / C_M / C_H cloud codes (\clIII, \cmVI, \chIX, ...).

Individual symbols are designed using TikZ. They are then bundled into a dedicated font with FontForge, and eventually tied to dedicted commands. The metsymb OpenType font is a side-product that can be used on its own. This package essentially introduces a new font in which each symbol is assigned to a glyph, which can then be called individually from documents via dedicated commands.

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MaintainerFrédéric P.A. Vogt

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