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Date: January 15, 2008 1:54:05 PM CET
A new package has been installed on tug.ctan.org and should soon be at your favorite mirror. Thank you, Jim Hefferon Saint Michael's College ....................................................................... The following information was provided by our fellow contributor: Name of contribution: tablor Author's name: Guillaume Connan Location on CTAN: /macros/latex/contrib/tablor Summary description: Obtenir rapidement des tableaux de signes et de variations. License type: lppl Announcement text:
Permet de créer des tableaux de signes et de variations depuis latex en utilisant XCAS pour les calculs et MetaPOST pour les tableaux. On rentre par exemple: \begin{TV} TV([-10,+infinity],[-1,1],"g","t",x^2/(x^2-1),1,3) \end{TV} et on obtient le tableau de variation de x->x^2/(x^2-1). ............. The tablor.sty package allows to create signs tables and variations tables through latex using XCAS for calculus and MetaPOST to draw the tables. For instance : \begin{TV} TV([-10,+infinity],[-1,1],"g","t",x^2/(x^2-1),1,3) \end{TV} draws the variation table of function x->x^2/(x^2-1). It needs the metapost macro file tableauVariation.mp You can download it there : http://frederic.mazoit.free.fr/LaTeX_metapost/tableauVariations/ You can download XCAS there: http://www-fourier.ujf-grenoble.fr/%7Eparisse/giac.html You need to activate shell-escape. The non-french users need to comment out every « \usepackage[upright]{fourier} »
This package is located at http://tug.ctan.org/tex-archive/macros/latex/contrib/tablor . More information is at http://tug.ctan.org/pkg/tablor (if the package is new it may take a day for that information to appear). We are supported by the TeX Users Group http://www.tug.org . Please join a users group; see http://www.tug.org/usergroups.html .

tablor – Create tables of signs and of variations

The package allows the user to use the computer algebra system XCAS to generate tables of signs and of variations (the actual plotting of the tables uses the macro package tableauVariations). Tables with forbidden regions may be developed using the package.

A configuration file permits some configuration of the language to be used in the diagrams.

The tablor package requires that shell escape be enabled.

Copyright2008 Guillaume Connan
MaintainerGuillaume Connan



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