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Beamer---A LaTeX class for producing presentations

* See the documentation in doc/beameruserguide.pdf for a user manual.
* See the information in doc/licenses/LICENSE for information on licensing.
* Read the INSTALL file for installing the class on your system.

This package also uses and includes Translator, a package for translating
words in LaTeX. We welcome new translations.

Please go to http://bitbucket.org/rivanvx/beamer to submit bug reports,
request new features, etc.

Down­load the con­tents of this pack­age in one zip archive (4.2M).

beamer – A class for pro­duc­ing pre­sen­ta­tions and slides

The beamer class can be used for pro­duc­ing slides. Its func­tion­al­ity is sim­i­lar to Pros­per but does not need any ex­ter­nal pro­grams and can di­rectly pro­duce a pre­sen­ta­tion us­ing pdf. Beamer uses pgf for pdf/ps in­de­pen­dent graph­ics. Frames are cre­ated us­ing \frame{...}, and a frame can build mul­ti­ple slides through a sim­ple no­ta­tion for spec­i­fy­ing ma­te­rial for each slide within a frame. Beamer sup­ports bib­li­ogra­phies, ap­pen­di­cies and tran­si­tions. Short ver­sions of ti­tle, au­thors, in­sti­tute can also be spec­i­fied as op­tional pa­ram­e­ters. A \plain­frame{} al­lows a pic­ture, for ex­am­ple, to fill the whole frame. Sup­port fig­ure and ta­ble en­vi­ron­ments, trans­parency ef­fects, a \trans­du­ra­tion com­mand, an­i­ma­tion com­mands, a pauses en­vi­ron­ment. Beamer also pro­vides com­pat­i­bil­ity with other pack­ages like pros­per.

The pack­age now in­cor­po­rates the func­tion­al­ity of the for­mer trans­la­tor pack­age, which is used for cus­tomis­ing the pack­age for use in other lan­guage en­vi­ron­ments.

Home pagehttps://bit­bucket.org/ri­vanvx/beamer/
Li­censeThe Project Public Li­cense 1.3
Main­tainerJoseph Wright
Ve­dran Miletić
Till Tan­tau (in­ac­tive)
Con­tained inTeX Live as beamer
MiKTeX as beamer
Topics al­ter­na­tive class(es)
slides, beam­ers, hand­outs, etc.
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