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                 | pst-lens: PSTricks package for lens |
                 |                                     |
                 | Denis Girou <Denis.Girou@idris.fr>  |
                 | Manuel Luque <Mluque5130@aol.com>   |

  * Run "(la)tex" on pst-lens.ins to create pst-lens.sty|tex
  * Copy pst-lens.tex and pst-lens.sty in one of your TeX input directories

To generate the documentaion run:
  * (la)tex pst-lens.dtx 
  * makeindex -s gind.ist pst-lens.idx
  * makeindex -s gglo.ist -o pst-lens.gls pst-lens.glo
  * (la)tex pst-lens.dtx 

Denis Girou and Manuel Luque and hv


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pst-lens – Lenses with PSTricks

This PSTricks pack­age pro­vides a re­ally rather sim­ple com­mand \PstLens that will draw a lens. Com­mand pa­ram­e­ters pro­vide a re­mark­able range of ef­fects.

Pack­age De­tailspst-lens
Li­censeThe LaTeX Project Public Li­cense
Main­tainerManuel Luque
Her­bert Voß
De­nis Girou
Con­tained inTeX Live as pst-lens
MiKTeX as pst-lens
Topics pack­age us­ing PStricks for graph­i­cal out­put
di­a­grams of op­ti­cal sys­tems
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