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Name Notes
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au­tomata Fi­nite state ma­chines, graphs and trees in
bb­card Bull­shit bingo, cal­en­dar and base­ball-score cards
block­draw_mp Block di­a­grams and bond graphs, with
bpoly­no­mial Draw­ing poly­no­mial func­tions of up to or­der 3
cmar­rows ar­rows and braces in the Com­puter Modern style
drv Deriva­tion trees with
dvi­incl In­clude a DVI page into out­put
epsincl In­clude EPS in fig­ures
ex­pressg Di­a­grams con­sist­ing of boxes, lines, and an­no­ta­tions
ex­teps In­clude EPS fig­ures in
feat­post macros for 3D
gar­rigues macros for the re­pro­duc­tion of Gar­rigues' Easter nomo­gram
hatch­ing macros for hatch­ing in­te­rior of closed paths
la­texmp In­ter­face for LaTeX-based type­set­ting in
m3D Ex­ten­sion of plain for 3D graph­ics
make­circ A li­brary for draw­ing elec­tri­cal cir­cuit di­a­grams
mat­lab data plot­ting in Mat­lab style
metago out­put of Go po­si­tions
metaobj pack­age pro­vid­ing high-level ob­jects
metauml li­brary for type­set­ting UML di­a­grams
mp3d 3D an­i­ma­tions
mpar­rows mod­ule with dif­fer­ent types of ar­row heads
mpat­tern Pat­terns in
mp­col­or­names Ex­tend list of pre­de­fined colour names for
piechartmp Draw pie-charts us­ing
repere Di­a­grams for school math­e­mat­ics
roundrect macros for highly con­fig­urable rounded rect­an­gles (op­tion­ally with text)
shapes Draw poly­gons, reen­trant stars, and frac­tions in cir­cles with
slideshow Gen­er­ate slideshow with
splines macros for draw­ing cu­bic spline in­ter­polants
suan­pan macros for draw­ing Chi­nese and Ja­panese abaci
tableau­vari­a­tions Vari­a­tion ta­bles in
textpath Set­ting text along a path with
three­d­dice Create im­ages of dice with one, two, or three faces show­ing, us­ing
truchet Truchet tiling in
txp Draw text along a path
venn Creat­ing Venn di­a­grams with
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