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Util­i­ties to con­vert fonts and per­form ad­di­tional op­er­a­tions


Name Notes
JustFon­tItTE JustFon­tIt TeX Edi­tion
TrueTypeToType42 Gen­er­ate a Type 42 font from a TrueType font
a2ac AFM to AFM plus Com­pos­ites
ac­c­fonts Util­i­ties to de­rive new fonts from ex­ist­ing ones
cjk-gs-in­te­grate Tools to in­te­grate CJK fonts into Ghostscript
corel­fonts An in­stal­la­tion script for Corel Ven­tura fonts
ega2mf Gen­er­ate code for EGA screen fonts
fontinst Help with in­stalling fonts for TeX and LaTeX
⇒ /fonts/util­i­ties/fontinst
font­load A par­tial font down­load­ing util­ity
fontools Tools to sim­plify us­ing fonts (es­pe­cially TT/OTF ones)
freetype A full-fea­tured font ras­ter­izer li­brary
gs­ftopk Con­vert "Ghostscript fonts" to PK files
lcdf-type­tools Font met­rics for mul­ti­ple-mas­ter font
mac­font Con­vert Ap­ple type 1 fonts for use un­der Win­dows
make­fonts Shell scripts to gen­er­ate bitmaps from sources
math­inst Merge font fam­i­lies to cre­ate math­e­mat­i­cal font sets
math­kit Gen­er­ate maths fonts to match out­line fonts
metatype1 Gen­er­ate Type 1 fonts from
mf2ps Mod­i­fi­ca­tion of to pro­duce PostScript out­put
mf2pt3 Create Adobe Type 3 fonts
mff-29 man­age­ment
mkp­k­font­dir Ma­nip­u­late TDS di­rec­to­ries for PK fonts
mm A jiffy Mul­ti­ple Master tool
otfinst In­stall OpenType fonts for use in TeX/LaTeX sys­tems
otftofd Gen­er­ate con­trol files for OpenType fonts
pbm­togf Con­vert PBM im­ages to GF font files
pf2afm AFM gen­er­a­tor for Adobe Type 1 fonts
pfm2afm Con­vert PFM files to AFM, and vice versa
pkb­box Derive glyph bound­ing boxes by build­ing PK file
ps2mf Make files from Adobe Type 1 files
ps2pk Gen­er­ate a PK font from an Adobe Type 1 font
ps4mf Con­vert Adobe Type 1 fonts to
ps4mf-dos Con­vert Adobe Type 1 fonts to , MS-DOS ver­sion
qd­texvpl Quick and dirty vir­tual font cre­ation
t1in­fos Util­i­ties for PostScript fonts
t1­tools Fa­cil­i­ties for han­dling Adobe Type 1 fonts
t1u­tils Sim­ple Type 1 font ma­nip­u­la­tion pro­grams
tfmpk A viewer for tfm and pk font files
tfmp­k­test Check and cor­rect check­sums of TFM and PK files
ttf2mf Con­vert True Type fonts to
ttf2pfb Make an Adobe Type 1 ver­sion of a TrueType font
ttf2pt1 Con­vert TrueType fonts to Adobe Type 1 for­mat
vfinst Vir­tual font in­stal­la­tion sup­port
vplu­tils Ma­nip­u­late (vir­tual) prop­erty lists
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