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Fonts writ­ten in , and sup­port for us­ing fonts from other sources (e.g., those in Adobe Type 1 for­mat)


Name Notes
Asana-Math A font to type­set maths in X(La)TeX and Lua(La)TeX
CJK Chi­nese/Ja­panese/Korean fonts
DayRoman The Day Ro­man type­face
LuxiMono Free monospace fonts
⇒ /fonts/mn­sym­bol
accanthis Ac­can­this fonts, with LaTeX sup­port
adforn Orne­mentsADF font with TeX/LaTeX sup­port
adfsymbols Sym­bol­sADF with TeX/LaTeX sup­port
ae Vir­tual fonts for T1 en­coded CMR-fonts
aecc Al­most Euro­pean Con­crete Ro­man vir­tual fonts
alegreya Ale­greya fonts with LaTeX sup­port
allrunes Fonts and LaTeX pack­age for al­most all runes
almfixed Ara­bic-Latin Modern Fixed ex­tends TeX-Gyre Latin Modern Mono 10 Reg­u­lar to full Ara­bic Uni­code sup­port
amiri A clas­si­cal Ara­bic type­face, Naskh style
amsfonts TeX fonts from the Amer­i­can Math­e­mat­i­cal So­ci­ety
anonymouspro Use Anony­mousPro fonts with LaTeX
antt An­tykwa Toruńska: a Type 1 fam­ily of a Pol­ish tra­di­tional type
apl Fonts for type­set­ting APL pro­grams
archaic A col­lec­tion of ar­chaic fonts
arev Fonts and LaTeX sup­port files for Arev Sans
arphic Ar­phic (Chi­nese) font pack­ages
ascii Use the ASCII “font” in LaTeX
astro Astro­nom­i­cal (plan­e­tary) sym­bols
augie Cal­li­graphic font for type­set­ting hand­writ­ing
auncial-new Ar­ti­fi­cial Un­cial font and LaTeX sup­port macros
aurical Cal­li­graphic fonts for use with LaTeX in T1 en­cod­ing
bartel-chess-fonts A set of fonts sup­port­ing chess di­a­grams
baskervaldadf Basker­vald ADF fonts col­lec­tion with TeX/LaTeX sup­port
baskervaldx Ex­ten­sion and mod­i­fi­ca­tion of Basker­valdADF with LaTeX sup­port
bbding A sym­bol (ding­bat) font and LaTeX macros for its use
bbold Sans serif black­board bold
bbold-type1 An Adobe Type 1 for­mat ver­sion of the bbold font
belleek Free re­place­ment for ba­sic MathTime fonts
bera Bera fonts
berenisadf Bere­nis ADF fonts and TeX/LaTeX sup­port
bguq Im­proved quan­ti­fier stroke for Be­griff­ss­chrift pack­ages
bickham Vir­tual fonts for Adobe Bick­ham Script Pro
boisik A font in­spired by Baskerville de­sign
bookhands A col­lec­tion of book-hand fonts
boondox Math­e­mat­i­cal al­pha­bets de­rived from the STIX fonts
brushscr A hand­writ­ing script font
byzfonts Byzan­tine Mu­sic Font
cabin A hu­man­ist Sans Serif font, with LaTeX sup­port
caladea Sup­port for the Caladea fam­ily of fonts
calligra Cal­li­graphic font
calligra-type1 Type 1 ver­sion of Cal­ligra
cantarell LaTeX sup­port for the Cantarell font fam­ily
capbas Cap­i­tal base­ball "ma­trix printer" font col­lec­tion
carlito Sup­port for Car­l­ito sans-serif fonts
carolmin-ps Adobe Type 1 for­mat of Carolin­gian Mi­nus­cule fonts
cc-pl Pol­ish ex­ten­sion of Com­puter Con­crete fonts
ccicons LaTeX sup­port for Creative Com­mons icons
cfr-lm En­hanced sup­port for the Latin Modern fonts
charter Char­ter fonts
⇒ /fonts/chess/cheq
cherokee A font for the Chero­kee script
cinzel LaTeX sup­port for Cinzel and Cinzel Dec­o­ra­tive fonts
cirth Fonts for Cirth
clearsans Clear Sans fonts with LaTeX sup­port
cm Com­puter Modern fonts
cm-unicode Com­puter Modern Uni­code font fam­ily
cmastro Font for plan­e­tary sym­bols
cmbright Com­puter Modern Bright fonts
cmll Sym­bols for lin­ear logic
cmoefont Old English glyphs to go with Com­puter Modern
cmolddig Vir­tual fount setup for us­ing old style dig­its
cmpica A Com­puter Modern Pica vari­ant
comfortaa Sans serif font, with LaTeX sup­port
comicsans Use Mi­crosoft Comic Sans font
concmath Con­crete math­e­mat­ics fonts
concrete Con­crete Ro­man fonts
countriesofeurope A font with the im­ages of the coun­tries of Europe
covfonts Make Apostrophic Lab­o­ra­to­ries's Cov­ing­ton fonts avail­able to TeX and LaTeX
cryst Font for graph­i­cal sym­bols used in crys­tal­log­ra­phy
csx Com­puter San­skrit(/Ex­tended) cod­ing sup­port on MS-DOS
cun A cuneiform font
cyklop The Cy­clop type­face
cypriote A font for an­cient Cypriot Greek in­scrip­tions
cyrillic Var­i­ous Cyril­lic fonts
dantelogo A font for DANTE's logo
⇒ /ob­so­lete/fonts/dco
dejavu LaTeX sup­port for the De­jaVu fonts
⇒ /lan­guage/de­vana­gari
dice A font for die faces
dictsym Dic­tSym font and macro pack­age
dingbat Two ding­bat sym­bol fonts
divine LaTeX sup­port for the di­vine font
doublestroke Type­set math­e­mat­i­cal dou­ble stroke sym­bols
dozenal Type­set doc­u­ments us­ing base twelve num­ber­ing (also called "dozenal")
drm A com­plete fam­ily of fonts writ­ten in
droid LaTeX sup­port for the Droid font fam­i­lies
duerer Com­puter Duerer fonts
dutchcal A re­work­ing of ESSTIX13, adding a bold ver­sion
ebgaramond LaTeX sup­port for EBGara­mond fonts
ebgaramond-maths LaTeX sup­port for EBGara­mond fonts in math­e­mat­ics
ec Com­puter mod­ern fonts in T1 and TS1 en­cod­ings
ecc Sources for the Euro­pean Con­crete fonts
eco Old­style nu­mer­als us­ing EC fonts
eiad Tra­di­tional style Ir­ish fonts
electrumadf Elec­trum ADF fonts col­lec­tion
elvish Fonts for type­set­ting Tolkien Elvish scripts
emerald Sup­port for the free emer­ald city fontwerks fonts
engwar Font for type­set­ting Tolkien Eng­war script
erewhon Font pack­age de­rived from Heuris­tica and Utopia
esstix PostScript ver­sions of the ESSTIX, with macro sup­port
eulervm Euler vir­tual math fonts
euro-ce Euro and CE sign font
euroitc LaTeX in­ter­face for the ITC euro font sym­bols
eurosym and macros for Euro sign
fandol Four ba­sic fonts for Chi­nese type­set­ting
fbb A free Bembo-like font
fdsymbol A maths sym­bol font
fetamont Ex­tended ver­sion of Knuth’s logo type­face
feyn A font for in-text Feyn­man di­a­grams
fge A font for Frege's Grundge­setze der Arith­metik
figbas Mini-fonts for fig­ured-bass no­ta­tion in mu­sic
fira Fira fonts with LaTeX sup­port
foekfont The ti­tle font of the Mads Føk mag­a­zine
fonetika Sup­port for the Dan­ish "Da­nia" pho­netic sys­tem
fontawesome Font con­tain­ing web-re­lated icons
fourier-GUT Us­ing Utopia fonts in LaTeX doc­u­ments
fouriernc Use New Cen­tury School­book text with Fourier maths fonts
fpl SC and OsF fonts for URW Pal­la­dio L
frcursive French cur­sive hand fonts
futhark Fonts for the Older Futhark script
futhorc An­glo-Friesic futhorc al­pha­bet font
garamondx ‘Ex­pert’-like ex­ten­sions to URW Gara­mond, and maths italic
genealogy A com­pi­la­tion ge­neal­ogy font
⇒ /fonts/gen­tium-tug
gentium-tug Gen­tium fonts (in two for­mats) and sup­port files
georgian Var­i­ous Ge­or­gian fonts
gillius Gil­lius fonts with LaTeX sup­port
gnu-freefont A Uni­code font, with rather wide cov­er­age
go Fonts and macros for type­set­ting go games
gothic A col­lec­tion of old Ger­man-style fonts
greek Var­i­ous Greek fonts
greenpoint The Green Point logo
hacm Font sup­port for the Arka lan­guage
halftone Knuth’s halftone font and its uses
hands Point­ing hand font
hershey Ex­per­i­ments with the Her­shey fonts
heuristica Fonts ex­tend­ing Utopia, with LaTeX sup­port files
hfoldsty Old style nu­mer­als with EC fonts
hieroglyph Hiero­glyph fonts and other sup­port
icelandic Ice­landic Fonts
iching A font for I Ching div­ina­tions
ifsym A col­lec­tion of sym­bols
igo Fonts and macro to type­set Go di­a­grams
imprintmtshadow Sup­port files for the Mono­type Im­print Shadow fonts
inconsolata A monospaced font, with sup­port files for use with TeX
⇒ /fonts/in­con­so­lata
induni-om Omega fonts for char­ac­ters used in study of San­skrit
initials Adobe Type 1 dec­o­ra­tive ini­tial fonts
ipaex IPA (Ja­panese) fonts
ipaex-type1 IPAex fonts con­verted to Type-1 for­mat Uni­code sub­fonts
iwona A two-el­e­ment sans-serif font
jablantile ver­sion of tiles in the style of Slavik Jablan
jamtimes Ex­panded Times Ro­man fonts
junicode A TrueType font for me­di­ae­val­ists
karta Car­to­graphic signs
kixfont A font for KIX codes
klinz A Klin­gon font
knitting Pro­duce knit­ting charts, in Plain TeX or LaTeX
knot A Celtic knot­work font
korean Var­i­ous Korean fonts
kpfonts A com­plete set of fonts for text and math­e­mat­ics
kurier A two-el­e­ment sans-serif type­face
la School hand­writ­ing fonts
latex A col­lec­tion of fonts used in LaTeX dis­tri­bu­tions
lato Lato font fam­ily and LaTeX sup­port
libertine Use of Linux Lib­er­tine and Bi­olinum fonts with LaTeX
⇒ /ob­so­lete/fonts/lib­er­tine-legacy
librebaskerville LaTeX sup­port for the Li­bre Baskerville fam­ily of fonts
librecaslon Li­bre Caslon fonts, with LaTeX sup­port
libris Lib­ris ADF fonts, with LaTeX sup­port
⇒ /fonts/ar­chaic/lin­earA
ljmetrics Met­rics for Laser­jet built-in fonts
lm Latin mod­ern fonts in out­line for­mats
lm-math OpenType maths fonts for Latin Modern
lobster2 Lob­ster Two fonts, with sup­port for all LaTeX en­gines
logic A font for elec­tronic logic de­sign
lsabon Sup­port files for the Lino­type Sabon fonts
lxfonts Set of slide fonts based on CM
magic A font to go with the Magic(TM) game
malvern A sans-serif font fam­ily
manual Knuth's "man­ual" fonts
marvosym Martin Vo­gel's Sym­bols (mar­vosym) font
mathabx Three se­ries of math­e­mat­i­cal sym­bols
mathdesign Math­e­mat­i­cal fonts to fit with par­tic­u­lar text fonts
mathgifg Sup­port for Mi­crosoft Ge­or­gia and ITC Franklin Gothic
mathpazo Fonts to type­set math­e­mat­ics to match Palatino
mathstone Use Adobe Stone Serif and Stone Sans for type­set­ting maths
mathtime MathTime AFM files
mbboard Com­pre­hen­sive black­board bold fonts
mdputu Upright dig­its in Adobe Utopia Italic
mdsymbol Sym­bol fonts to match Adobe Myr­iad Pro
merriweather Mer­ri­weather and Mer­ri­weath­erSans fonts, with LaTeX sup­port
⇒ /fonts/ps­fonts
minion2newtx En­able use of Min­ion Pro with newtx
minionpro LaTeX sup­port for Adobe Min­ionPro fonts
mintspirit LaTeX sup­port for Min­tSpirit font fam­i­lies
mnsymbol Math­e­mat­i­cal sym­bol font for Adobe Min­ionPro
moonphase Font for rep­re­sent­ing the phases of the moon
morse Sup­port for print­ing Morse code signs
msym A par­tial im­ple­men­ta­tion of the old msym10 font
mt11p Use MathTime com­plete un­der LaTeX
mtp2lite Sub­set of MathTime Pro 2 font set
musixtex-fonts Fonts used by MusixTeX
nanumtype1 Type1 sub­fonts of Nanum Korean fonts
newpx Al­ter­na­tive uses of the PX fonts, with im­proved met­rics
newtx Al­ter­na­tive uses of the TX fonts, with im­proved met­rics
newtxsf Sans-math fonts for use with newtx
newtxtt En­hance­ment of type­writer fonts from newtx
niceframe Type 1 ver­sions of the fonts rec­om­mended in nice­frame
nkarta A "new" ver­sion of the karta car­to­graphic fonts
obnov Oby­knoven­naya No­vaya fonts
oca OCR A font
ocr-a Fonts for OCR-A
ocr-b Fonts for OCR-B
ocr-b-outline OCR-B fonts in Type 1 and OpenType
oesch Font to pro­vide the Öster­re­ichis­che Schulschrift
ogham Fonts for type­set­ting Ogham script
okuda Fonts for Klin­gon
oldstandard Old Stan­dard: A Uni­code Font for Clas­si­cal and Medieval Stud­ies
opensans The Open Sans font fam­ily, and LaTeX sup­port
orkhun A font for orkhun script
overlock Over­look sans fonts with LaTeX sup­port
pacioli Fonts de­signed by Fra Luca de Pa­ci­oli in 1497
pandora The Pan­dora font fam­ily
paratype LaTeX sup­port for free fonts by ParaType
parisa Parisa fam­ily of fonts
pcarl LaTeX Sup­port for Adobe Caslon Open Face
⇒ /fonts/ar­chaic/phais­tos
philokalia A font to type­set the Philokalia Books
phonetic Pho­netic fonts, based on Com­puter Modern
pigpen A font for the pig­pen (or ma­sonic) ci­pher
playfair Play­fair Dis­play fonts with LaTeX sup­port
poetica Sup­port for Adobe Poet­ica fonts in Type 1 for­mat
poltawski An­tykwa Półtawskiego Fam­ily of Fonts
poorman Raster Chi­nese and Ja­panese fonts
prodint A font that pro­vides the prod­uct in­te­gral sym­bol
psfonts PostScript fonts for use with TeX and LaTeX
ptmsc Ad­don to the newtx pack­age
punk Don­ald Knuth's punk font
punknova OpenType ver­sion of Knuth's Punk font
pxfonts Palatino-like fonts in sup­port of math­e­mat­ics
pxtxalfa Vir­tual maths al­pha­bets based on px­fonts and tx­fonts
quattrocento LaTeX sup­port for Qu­at­tro­cento and Qu­at­tro­cento Sans fonts
raleway Use Rale­way with TeX(-alike) sys­tems
ransom A "very bad type­writer" font
recycle A font pro­vid­ing the "re­cy­clable" logo
redis A He­brew font
roboto Sup­port for the Roboto fam­ily of fonts
romandeadf Ro­mande ADF fonts and LaTeX sup­port
rsfs Ralph Smith's For­mal Script font
rsfso A math­e­mat­i­cal cal­li­graphic font based on rsfs
⇒ /fonts/cyril­lic/old_slavonic/izhitsa
sansmathaccent Cor­rect place­ment of ac­cents in sans-serif maths
sansmathfonts Cor­rect place­ment of ac­cents in sans-serif maths
schulschriften Ger­man “school scripts” from Suet­ter­lin to the present day
script Hand­writ­ing font
semaphor Semaphore al­pha­bet font
shuffle A sym­bol for the shuf­fle prod­uct
⇒ /fonts/chess/skak
skull A font to draw a skull
softfonts Man­age the "soft fonts" in a LaserWriter printer
⇒ /fonts/soft­mak­er­free­font
sourcecodepro Use SourceCodePro with TeX(-alike) sys­tems
sourcesanspro Use SourceSan­sPro with TeX(-alike) sys­tems
stix OpenType Uni­code maths fonts
stmaryrd St Mary Road sym­bols for the­o­ret­i­cal com­puter sci­ence
superiors At­tach su­pe­rior fig­ures to a font fam­ily
t1-fraktur A pair of frak­tur font fam­i­lies in T1 en­cod­ing
tapir A sim­ple ge­o­met­ri­cal font
tengwar Font to set Tolkien's Teng­war script
tex-gyre A font fam­ily that ex­tends URW Nim­bus Ro­man
tex-gyre-math Maths fonts to match the tex-gyre-pag­ella text font
tfrupee A font of­fer­ing the new (In­dian) Ru­pee sym­bol
thai Var­i­ous Thai fonts
tolkienfonts Use TTF "Tolkien" fonts from the WWW with PDFTeX
trajan Fonts from the Tra­jan col­umn in Rome
trsym Sym­bols for trans­for­ma­tions
truetypemetrics Met­rics for some TrueType font fam­i­lies
tsipa Macros and fonts to pro­duce IPA type­set­ting
twcal Cal­li­graphic font for type­set­ting hand­writ­ing
txfonts Times-like fonts in sup­port of math­e­mat­ics
txfontsb Ex­ten­sions to tx­fonts, us­ing GNU Free­font
ulsy Ex­tra math­e­mat­i­cal char­ac­ters
umtypewriter Fonts to type­set with the xgreek pack­age
universa Her­bert Bayer's 'uni­ver­sal' font
universalis Univer­salis font, with sup­port
urw URW free font sup­port
urwchancal Use URW's clone of Zapf Chancery as a maths al­pha­bet
utilities Util­i­ties to con­vert fonts and per­form ad­di­tional op­er­a­tions
utopia Adobe Utopia fonts
va Hand­writ­ing fonts
venturisadf Ven­turis ADF fonts col­lec­tion
verdana Macros and met­rics for us­ing Ver­dana with LaTeX
vicentino Vi­centino fonts
wadalab Wadalab (Ja­panese) font pack­ages
wasy2 The wasy fonts (Waldi sym­bol fonts)
webomints We­bom­ints font sup­port
wnri Ridge­way's fonts
wsuipa In­ter­na­tional Pho­netic Al­pha­bet fonts
xcharter Ex­ten­sion of Bit­stream Char­ter fonts
xits A Sci­en­tific Times-like font with sup­port for math­e­mat­i­cal type­set­ting
xq Sup­port for writ­ing about xi­angqi
yhmath Ex­tended maths fonts for LaTeX
⇒ /lan­guage/yi4la­tex
zefonts Vir­tual fonts to pro­vide T1 en­cod­ing from ex­ist­ing fonts
zlmtt Use Latin Modern Typewriter fonts


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