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psfonts metrics for Textures (1995/08/20)

A selection of metrics from the CTAN fonts/psfonts distribution converted
for use with Textures.

By Constantin Kahn <kahn@math.toronto.edu>, <kahn@math.uni-hannover.de>


There are three binhexed Compact Pro archives in this collection:

  expands to a metrics suitcase `LW35 psnfss+dvips metrics' which contains
  all psnfss and dvips metrics for the basic 35 PostScript fonts. These are
  precisely the metrics contained in the psfonts/adobe subdirectories
  avantgar, bookman, courier, helvetic, ncntrsbk, palatino, symbol, times, 
  zapfchan, and zapfding with the exception of the metrics corresponding to
  the Helvetica-Light fonts. In addition there is a small suitcase 
  `8r reencoding' which contains the Textures support for the 8r encoding.
  expands to a metrics suitcase `LW35 psnfss metrics' which contains a 
  subset of the suitcase `LW35 psnfss+dvips metrics'; all metrics which are 
  only relevant for backwards compatibility with dvips metrics have been 
  removed. For typesetting with the LaTeX2e psnfss package this smaller
  suitcase is sufficient. In addition there is a small suitcase 
  `8r reencoding' which contains the Textures support for the 8r encoding.
  expands to a metrics suitcase `Lucida Bright psnfss metrics' which contains
  all metrics in the psfonts/bh/* directories; this set covers most of the
  fonts belonging to the Lucida Bright, Lucida NewMath, and Lucida Expert 
  sets. Two small suitcases `phvluc metrics' and `ptmluc metrics' contain 
  Lucida based math fonts for Helvetica and Times based on the fontinst 
  sources in the psnfss distribution. In addition there is a small suitcase 
  `8r reencoding' which contains the Textures support for the 8r encoding.


Download the relevant *.cpt.hqx files as text files, debinhex them, and 
extract the contents from the resulting archives. (Stuffit Expander will
perform the last two steps if the downloaded files are dropped onto it.)

Then drop the resulting Textures metrics suitcases into the `TeX Fonts'
folder (or into `TeX Metrics'). The `8r reencoding' suitcases contained in 
all three archives are identical. Only one is needed in the `TeX Fonts' or
the `TeX Metrics' folder.

IMPORTANT: This will only install the *metrics* in the Textures sense, i.e.,
the equivalent of the `tfm', `vf', and `dvips' subdirectories of individual 
font directories. You will still need to download and install all the 
required *.fd and *.sty files into a directory where Textures can find them 
before the fonts can be used with LaTeX2e.

Requirements: Textures 1.7 or later is required; version 1.7.5 or newer is 

More comments can be found in the README files contained in the individual


Name Size Date Notes
Ex­traA­dobeMet­rics.sit.hqx 1274730 1996-05-23 02:00
README 2903 1995-08-20 02:00
lu­cida-met­rics.cpt.hqx 299564 1995-08-20 02:00
lw35-met­rics.cpt.hqx 763069 1995-08-20 02:00
lw35-nod­vips.cpt.hqx 543305 1995-08-20 02:00

tex­tures-met­rics – Adobe font met­rics, con­verted for use with Tex­tures

A small col­lec­tion of met­rics from CTAN, con­verted and packed for Tex­tures sys­tem use. Tex­tures ver­sion 1.7.5 (at least) is rec­om­mended for us­ing these met­rics.

Pack­age De­tailstex­tures-met­rics
Ver­sion 1995-08-20
Li­censeUn­known Sta­tus, No In­for­ma­tion Avail­able
Main­tainerCon­stantin Kahn
Topics met­rics, macro in­can­ta­tions and other font sup­port
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