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In this directory you find bitmap font bundles for the CJK package for

Installation details can be found in the CJK documentation files and (after
unpacking) in $TEXMF/doc/fonts/{hbf,source}/<encoding>/package_name/README

Here a table of the packages:

    han         Hangul syllables (in KS order) in various fonts taken from
                the former HLaTeX.

    han1        Hangul syllables (in KS order) in various fonts taken from
                the former jhTeX.

    hanja65     A KS font (taken from the new HLateX package) starting with
                character 0x4a21.

    jfs56       GB encoded font. Fangsong style.

    jisksp40    supplemental JIS (JIS X 0212) encoded font. Normal style.
                Most glyphs are taken from the CNS fonts, thus the font
                is rather song style (the BDF header says `normal').

    kanji48     JIS encoded font. Normal style.

    ntukai48    Big 5 encoded font. Kai style.

    cns40-7     CNS encoded font planes 1-7. Song style.

    cns40-b5    Big 5 encoded CNS font. This package needs cns40-1 - cns40-3
                for the bitmaps.


  1998-Aug-20:  Updated for CJK 4.2:

                  <language> subdirs renamed to <encoding>.

                  Small modifications to the hbf2gf .cfg files to make
                  use of hbf2gf's new file search routines.

  2005-Apr-05:  Fixed shapes of two glyphs in kanji48 and jisksp40.

Please send comments and suggestions to

    Werner Lemberg <wl@gnu.org>


Name Size Date Notes
README 1533 2005-04-06 12:31
cn­s40-1.tar.gz 540055 1998-08-19 02:00
cn­s40-2.tar.gz 760342 1998-08-19 02:00
cn­s40-3.tar.gz 602288 1998-08-19 02:00
cn­s40-4.tar.gz 736786 1998-08-19 02:00
cn­s40-5.tar.gz 884957 1998-08-19 02:00
cn­s40-6.tar.gz 557613 1998-08-19 02:00
cn­s40-7.tar.gz 709832 1998-08-19 02:00
cn­s40-b5.tar.gz 3439 1998-08-19 02:00
han.300.tar.gz 1441662 1998-08-19 02:00
han.600.tar.gz 3163863 1998-08-19 02:00
han.tfmvf.tar.gz 72394 1998-08-19 02:00
han1.300.tar.gz 1722399 1998-08-19 02:00
han1.600.tar.gz 3870135 1998-08-19 02:00
han1.tfmvf.tar.gz 85087 1998-08-19 02:00
han­ja65.tar.gz 950272 1998-08-19 02:00
jf­s56.tar.gz 1122601 1998-08-19 02:00
jisksp40.tar.gz 555022 2005-04-06 11:02
kan­ji48.tar.gz 743087 2005-04-06 10:56
ntukai48.tar.gz 1695951 1998-08-19 02:00
uw­patch.tar.gz 208939 1998-04-20 02:00

Down­load the con­tents of this pack­age in one zip archive (19.4M).

cjk-fonts – Chi­nese/Ja­panese/Korean fonts

Fonts to go with the cjk macro pack­age for Chi­nese, Ja­panese and Korean with LaTeX2ε.

The pack­age aims to su­per­sede HLaTeX fonts bun­dle.

Pack­age De­tailscjk-fonts
Li­censeUn­known Sta­tus, No In­for­ma­tion Avail­able
Main­tainerWerner Lem­berg
Con­tained inMiKTeX as cjk-fonts
Topics fonts for far east­ern lan­guages (Chi­nese, Ja­panese and Korean)
fonts them­selves
sup­port for type­set­ting Ja­panese
sup­port for type­set­ting Chi­nese lan­guages
sup­port for type­set­ting Korean
See also arphic
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