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aebxmp --- D. P. Story
Dated: 2012/01/10

This is a package that uses Adobe Distiller as the PDF creator as well as
Acrobat itself.

The package provides commands for populating certain additional metadata,
beyond that already provided by hyperref.

1.  Commands to set the copyright status, notice, and url fields (as seen in the
    Additional Metadata dialog accessed from the Document Properties >
    Description tab.

2.  (v2.0) Added support for two other fields found in the Additional Metadata
    dialog box: for populating Author Title and Description Writer.

3.  (v2.0) aebxmp also sets the value of Created as seen at the bottom of the
    Additional Metadata dialog box

4.  (v2.0) aebxmp defines the \Authors command for setting multiple authors,
    the authors are accessible separately using Doc.info.Authors.

5.  (v2.0) Finally, aebxmp defines a command for setting custom document
    properties, this is seen on the Custom tab of the Document Properties
    dialog box.

6.  (v2.2) Added a \Keywords command that takes a comma-delimited list
    of keywords, and creates an array of keywords. These keywords can be
    accessed individually using a special document-level JavaScript

7.  (v2.3) Rewrote some of the code so that now the XMP package is set
    using only E4X; removed all literal elements.

My other web site is http://www.acrotex.net/, follow my articles at

Now, I simply must get back to my retirement.

D. P. Story


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Down­load the con­tents of this pack­age in one zip archive (126.6k).

ae­bXMP – Add ad­vanced meta­data to PDF files

The pack­age fills in ad­vanced meta­data (more than is pos­si­ble with hy­per­ref), us­ing the E4X xml parser in Acro­bat Pro­fes­sional 8.

The pack­age is part of the AeB Pro bun­dle of pack­ages.

Pack­age De­tailsae­bXMP
Home pagehttp://www.math.uakron.edu/~dp­story/we­beq.html
Li­censeThe LaTeX Project Public Li­cense
Main­tainerDon­ald P. Story
Con­tained inMiKTeX as ae­bxmp
Topics ac­cess PDF fea­tures
re­lies on avail­abil­ity of Adobe Acro­bat, etc.
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