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Macros that work in sev­eral en­vi­ron­ments


Name Notes
2up Macros to print two-up
TeX-PS TeX to PostScript generic macros and add-ons
abbr Sim­ple macros sup­port­ing abre­vi­a­tions for Plain and LaTeX
apnum Ar­bi­trary pre­ci­sion num­bers im­ple­mented by TeX macros
arrayjobx Ar­ray data struc­tures for (La)TeX
bagpipe Sup­port for type­set­ting bag­pipe mu­sic
basix A BASIC in­ter­preter writ­ten in TeX
bitelist Split list, in TeX's mouth
boxedeps In­cor­po­rate EPS files into TeX doc­u­ments
c_pascal Type­set Python, C and Pas­cal pro­grams
caesarcm Hyphen­ation of in­flected lan­guages, us­ing CM fonts
catcodes Generic han­dling of TeX cat­e­gory codes
chemfig Draw molecules with easy syn­tax
code128 Bar­code macros for the Code 128 stan­dard
colortab Shade cells of ta­bles and halign
commado Ex­pand­able it­er­a­tion on comma-sep­a­rated and file­name lists
cptex Use dif­fer­ent code pages for TeX in­put
cropmark Crop marks on \shipout
dirtree Dis­play trees in the style of win­dows ex­plorer
docbytex Creat­ing doc­u­men­ta­tion from source code
dowith Ap­ply a com­mand to a list of items
ean Macros for mak­ing EAN bar­codes
eijkhout Vic­tor Ei­jkhout's pack­ages
encxvlna Insert non­break­able spaces, us­ing encTeX
epsf Sim­ple macros for EPS in­clu­sion
fenixpar One-shot changes to to­ken reg­is­ters such as \ev­ery­par
⇒ /macros/la­tex/con­trib/flt­point
fntproof A pro­grammable font test pat­tern gen­er­a­tor
formlett Let­ters to mul­ti­ple re­cip­i­ents
frame Framed boxes for Plain TeX
gates Sup­port for writ­ing mod­u­lar and cus­tomis­able code
hyacc-cm Hyphen­ation us­ing 7-bit fonts
⇒ /macros/la­tex/con­trib/if­tex
ifxetex Am I run­ning un­der XTeX?
infpic Macros to in­sert pic­tures in para­graphs
insbox Insert pic­tures/boxes into para­graphs
kastrup Con­vert num­bers into bi­nary, oc­tal and hex­adec­i­mal
knst Mul­ti­ple-guess tests
labtex La­bel di­a­grams pro­duced in
lambda-lists Lists in TeX's mouth
langcode Sim­ple lan­guage-de­pen­dent set­tings based on lan­guage codes
lecturer On-screen pre­sen­ta­tions for (al­most) all for­mats
librarian Tools to cre­ate bib­li­ogra­phies in TeX
⇒ /macros/la­tex/con­trib/lo­cal­loc
lpform Type­set­ting lin­ear pro­gram­ming for­mu­la­tions and sets of equa­tions
mathdots Com­mands to pro­duce dots in math that re­spect font size
midnight A set of use­ful macro tools
minifp Fixed-point real com­pu­ta­tions to 8 dec­i­mals
multido A loop fa­cil­ity for Generic TeX
navigator PDF fea­tures across for­mats and en­gines
occam Strip un­nec­es­sary macros from a file
ofs Macros for man­ag­ing large font col­lec­tions
path Type­set paths, mak­ing them break­able
pdf-trans A set of macros for var­i­ous trans­for­ma­tions of TeX boxes
petri-nets A set TeX/LaTeX pack­ages for draw­ing Petri nets
plainpkg A min­i­mal method for mak­ing generic pack­ages
pmat Type­set par­ti­tioned ma­tri­ces
poster Make posters and ban­ners with TeX
psbox PostScript box macros, etc
realcalc Macros for real arith­metic cal­cu­la­tions
rlepsf Rewrite la­bels in EPS graph­ics
schemata Print top­i­cal di­a­grams
shade Shade pieces of text
systeme For­mat sys­tems of equa­tions
tex-ewd Macros to type­set cal­cu­la­tional proofs and pro­grams in Di­jk­stra's style
texapi Macros to write for­mat-in­de­pen­dent pack­ages
texchord Type­set gui­tar-chord di­a­grams
tracklang Lan­guage and di­alect tracker
umrand Pack­age for fancy box frames
upca Print UPC-A bar­codes
variations Type­set ta­bles of vari­a­tions of func­tions
vrb Ver­ba­tim macros in plain TeX
xcomment Al­lows se­lected en­vi­ron­ments to be in­cluded/ex­cluded
xint Ex­pand­able op­er­a­tions on long num­bers
xlop Cal­cu­lates and dis­plays arith­metic op­er­a­tions
xstring String ma­nip­u­la­tion for (La)TeX
yax Yet Another Key Sys­tem
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