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voss-math­col – Type­set­ting math­e­mat­ics in colour, in (La)TeX

This is a short pa­per from the TeXnis­che Komödie, in Ger­man. Since the body of the pa­per is dom­i­nated by clear LaTeX cod­ing ex­am­ples, most LaTeX pro­gram­mers will un­der­stand how to achieve the re­sults shown in the di­a­grams, even if they don't un­der­stand Ger­man.

Pack­age De­tailsvoss-math­col
Li­censeThe LaTeX Project Public Li­cense
Main­tainerHer­bert Voß
Con­tained inTeXlive as voss-math­col
Topics tu­to­rial ma­te­rial (gen­eral)
doc­u­men­ta­tion of type­set­ting math­e­mat­ics
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