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I have replaced the PostScript figure, fig1.ps, with a LaTeX picture
mode equivalent that will permit this document to be formatted and
printed at any TeX installation.
							Nelson H.F. Beebe

This directory contains a paper which describes design tradeoffs of
MakeIndex.  It is written in LaTeX and contains a figure in PostScript
specifed in the psfig format.  Run LaTeX on the file ind.tex to obtain
a DVI file.  All style files involved are included in this directory.
To print it, you need to have a PostScript-based printer and the
DVI-to-PostScript driver must understand the psfig format.  A
PostScipt version of this paper, ind.ps, can be printed directly to a
PostScript printer.

This paper appears in Software: Practice and Experience, Vol 19, No.
9, Sep. 1988, pp. 897-915.  A more complete version is available as
Computer Science Tech. Report 87/347, University of California,
Berkeley, March 1987.

							Pehong Chen


Name Size Date Notes
Make­file 232 1993-05-26 02:00
README 1044 1991-07-08 02:00
fig1.ps 3335 1989-08-31 02:00
fig1.tex 1553 1991-07-08 02:00
ind.bbl 5169 1989-08-31 02:00
ind.pdf 139034 2009-04-09 13:26
ind.tex 58615 1991-07-08 02:00
in­d­mi­nus.tex 15 1989-08-31 02:00
in­d­plus.tex 863 1991-07-08 02:00
logo.tex 3566 1989-08-31 02:00
reg­mar.sty 2117 1989-08-31 02:00
und­head.sty 316 1989-08-31 02:00
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