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This software is provided "as is", without warranty of any kind,
either expressed or implied, including, but not limited to, the
implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular

You are free to use, modify, and redistribute this software as you
wish for non-commercial purposes.

I suggest you first print all man pages (*.[157]) to get an overview of my
additions.  The main features are:

	    * usage of key words, abstracts and annotations (new %W
	      and %x, %X fields) with full support to print such   
	      bibliographies as is or sorted on key words

	    * choice of style when punctuation and quotation marks get
	      together by parametrization of some .ttx files

	    * a converter from tib to bibtex format


tib.5		man page to document the format of tib bibliography
		(*.ref) files 
tib.7		man page which documents my additional macro files

ttb.c		Program to convert tib to bib bibliography format
ttb.1		man page

texbib.sh	shell script to tex an annotated tib bibliography
texbib.1	man page 

texswlist.sh	shell script to tex an annotated tib bibliography,
		sorted on key words
texswlist.tib	the style used by texswlist
texswlist.1	man page
swortcp.c	utility program used by texswlist

tib-2.2-patch	do 'patch < tib-2.2-patch' in the tib inputs directory
		to create/modify the following files:


      Macros that print the abstract/annotation and key words of a
      paper (as given in the %X, %x and %W fields)


      When quotation marks and punctuation get together, these two
      files let one chose between American (``Title,'') and European
      (``Title'',) style.  The following files get modified by the
      patch to make this work:


      copied from stdd.ttx, [\Dstr] generalized to \leftofdate\Dstr\rightofdate

      redefines \journalarticleformat to ignore %T and %N fields so
      that you can enter %T fields in your database, but optionally
      ignore them when printing.


Name Size Date Notes
Make­file 515 1992-02-27 01:00
README 2128 1992-02-27 01:00
swortcp.c 4135 1992-02-27 01:00
texbib.1 942 1992-02-27 01:00
texbib.sh 2154 1992-02-27 01:00
texswlist.1 1171 1992-02-27 01:00
texswlist.sh 1823 1992-02-27 01:00
tib-2.2-patch 68748 1992-02-27 01:00
tib.5 4190 1992-02-27 01:00
tib.7 2392 1992-02-27 01:00
ttb.1 934 1992-02-27 01:00
ttb.c 6982 1992-02-27 01:00
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