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r2bib – Convert refer and EndNote files to BibTeX

R2bib and EndNote2bib read files (respectively in refer and EndNote format) and produces a BibTeX reference list on the standard output.

Since refer files are inherently unstructured, r2bib only does a passable job (for example, it may need to invent a key for an entry, and it has to guess what BibTeX entry type to generate).

EndNote tags may not always match those recognised by EndNote2bib; a further filter program EndNoteTag is provided

Version 2009-01-22
LicenseFree license not otherwise listed, or more than one free license applies
MaintainerRichard J Mathar
Topics derive BibTeX data from resources other than BibTeX libraries
See also EndNote2bib

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (130.8k).

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