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Peter R. Wilson

Make chapters be typeset like sections
Bundle individual documents into a single document
Typeset scholarly editions in parallel texts
Typeset scholarly editions
Print lengths using specified units
Add bibliography/index/contents to Table of Contents
Change the resetting of counters
Continuation headings and legends for floats
Print font tables from a LaTeX document
Typeset scholarly editions in arabic
User level management of LaTeX input and output
Notes at end of document
Control over the typesetting of the \maketitle command
A set of sudoku-related packages
Artificial Uncial manuscript book-hand font
A collection of archaic fonts
Control the typesetting of the abstract environment
Typeset exercises in TeX, with answers
Extra control of appendices
Aids for printing simple booklets
A collection of book-hand fonts
Support for Bezier curves
LaTeX encoding tools for Bookhands fonts
Cut a window in a paragraph, typeset material in it
Change the page layout in the middle of a document
Change the Bibliography/References title
Margin adjustment and detection of odd/even pages
A script which was used on Cyprus for writing Greek
Carolingan Miniscule manuscript book-hand font
Document non-LaTeX code
Early Gothic manuscript book-hand font
A package for typesetting epigraphs
Diagrams consisting of boxes, lines, and annotations
Fonts for the Etruscan script
Flatten \input, etc., in a LaTeX file
A Greek font from 394BC
A Greek font from the sixth century BC
The "poor man's" Egyptian Hieroglyphic font
Hanging paragraphs
Disable/enable hypenation
Fonts based on the half Uncial manuscript book-hand
Fonts based on the Insular Majuscule manuscript book-hand
Typesetting the STEP standards
If-then-else command for processing potentially empty arguments
Rotation of document elements
Generic ISO standards typesetting macros
Fonts based on the Insular Minuscule manuscript book-hand
Replace LaTeX commands in a document by user-defined strings
Typeset scholarly editions in parallel texts
The new \makecommand command always (re)defines a command
Linear B script used in the Bronze Age for Mycenaean Greek
Fixes to the memoir class
Notes on book design
Adjustment for using hyperref in memoir documents
Environment for vertical centring
Some Experiences in Running and
Typeset fiction, non-fiction and mathematical books
Insert pagebreak if not enough space
Generalisations of the page advance commands
Font for Nabatean script
Fonts old Persian cuneiform script
Glyphs used when transliterating ancient scripts
Fonts based on the Gothic Textura Prescisus manuscript book-hand
Fonts for proto-Semitic cuneiform script
Fonts for the Phoenician script in use from about 1600 BC
Fonts for Anglo-Saxon futharc script
Rotunda manuscript book-hand font
Roman Rustic manuscript book-hand font
Generate roman numerals instead of arabic digits
Provide sectioning information for package writers
Square Capitals manuscript book-hand font
Section numbering and table of contents control
Gothic Textura Quadrata manuscript book-hand font
Fonts from the Trajan column in Rome
Control table of contents, figures, etc
Sample titlepages, and how to code them
Uncial manuscript book-hand font
Fonts for Ugaritic cuneiform script
Mark vertical rules in margin of text
Aids for typesetting simple verse
Brief Guide to LaTeX Tools for Web publishing
Break tables across pages
Fonts for Aramaic script
Artificial Uncial font and LaTeX support macros
Humanist manuscript book-hand font
Display various elements of a document's layout
Fonts designed by Fra Luca de Pacioli in 1497
Archaic South Arabian script font
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