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Here's an intermediate version of nuweb.  I've simply bundled up the
web source (nuweb.w), the generated .c files, an abbreviated nuweb.tex
file, and the assorted auxiliary files for latex'ing.

Note that it's still not completely portable to every system without
change.  In particular, it expect file-names to use '/' to delimit
directories and it still thinks tab stops are set every eight spaces.
It also uses tempnam() which may not be available everywhere.
tmpnam() might be made to work in some systems.  If all else fails,
just use some adequately unlikely filename.

To print the documentation, you must first run latex on the file
nuwebdoc.tex.  To fix up all the citations, you'll need several runs.

	latex nuwebdoc
	bibtex nuwebdoc
	latex nuwebdoc
	latex nuwebdoc

Note that the distributed nuwebdoc.tex is basically Chapter 1 of the
complete nuweb.tex generated by running nuweb against itself.

To actually build the nuweb executable, type "make nuweb" which should build
an executable file called "nuweb".  After that, you should be able to
use the makefile to control everything very nicely.

To view the nuweb sources using an HTML viewer, copy nuweb.w to
nuweb.hw, and then add the html document-style option to nuweb.hw.
After producing the LaTeX source file nuweb.tex, convert it to HTML
using LaTeX2HTML.

If you have questions or comments (or just want the latest version),
please let me know. I expect to continue working on the documentation
for quite a while.

My e-mail address is preston@cs.rice.edu
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