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lit­er­ate pro­gram­ming in ansi-c/c++

cweb­bin is the ansi-c/c++ im­ple­men­ta­tion of sil­vio levy's and don­ald ervin knuth's cweb sys­tem. it re­quires the con­tents of [the orig­i­nal source drop](http://mir­rors.ctan.org/web/ccpp/cweb/cweb.tar.gz), to which it ap­plies a set of change files to fix warn­ings is­sued by mod­ern c/c++ com­pil­ers and to in­tro­duce ad­vanced fea­tures. see the ex­ten­sive readme for the full story.

ex­tract cweb­bin-22p.tar.gz and add the con­tents of cweb-3.64b.tar.gz for the full set of source files. unix/linux users should work with make -f Make­file.unix ex­clu­sively (tar­gets ‘boot,’ ‘cau­tiously,’ and ‘all’).

al­ter­na­tively, you may want to use rpm­build or deb­build for com­pil­ing the sources and for cre­at­ing in­stal­lable pack­ages in rpm and deb for­mat. clone cweb and cweb­bin, cre­ate the source drops with

git archive -o cweb-3.64b.tgz cweb-3.64b
git archive -o cwebbin-22p.tar.gz cwebbin-22p

re­spec­tively, put these two tar­balls in the SOURCES di­rec­tory and cweb­bin.spec in the SPECS di­rec­tory of your build arena, and run

rpmbuild -ba SPECS/cwebbin.spec
debbuild -ba SPECS/cwebbin.spec

de­pend­ing on your pref­er­ences.

if all you want is plain vanilla cweb with­out any add-ons and mi­nus heaps of com­piler warn­ings, use the spe­cial op­tion --with ansi_only to in­clude only the min­i­mal changes re­quired for a clean com­pi­la­tion.

rpmbuild -ba SPECS/cwebbin.spec --with ansi_only
debbuild -ba SPECS/cwebbin.spec --with ansi_only

cweb­bin – CWEB for ANSI-C/C++ com­pil­ers on UNIX/Linux, MS/Win­dows, and Amiga

A highly portable and slightly ex­tended ver­sion of CWEB for Unix, MS-Win­dows/32, and Amiga (and pos­si­bly other op­er­at­ing sys­tems). macros and CWEB macros are pro­vided for Ger­man, French, and Ital­ian pro­gram doc­u­men­ta­tion on any ma­chine.

Ver­sion3.64b [22p]
Li­cense Public Do­main Soft­ware
Copy­right1991–1993 Hans-Her­mann Bode
1991,1993 Carsten Ste­ger
1992 Klaus Gun­ter­mann
1993–2000,2005,2011,2017 An­dreas Scherer
Main­tainer An­dreas Scherer
Topics lit­er­ate pro­gram­ming
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