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pk­find – A 'find' com­mand which un­der­stands pk files

The TDS stan­dard spec­i­fies that pk and gf files con­tain \spe­cial strings to iden­tify the con­tents of the files. Pk­find is a vari­ant of the GNU find util­ity mod­i­fied to un­der­stand those spe­cials, and to act on them in some cases. For ex­am­ple, it can be used to delete all pk files cre­ated by gs­ftopk from a sub­di­rec­tory tree.

Li­cense Free li­cense not oth­er­wise listed, or more than one free li­cense ap­plies
Main­tainer Paul Vo­jta
Topics ma­nip­u­late or ex­am­ine fonts
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