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index.tex  --   Macros for creating an index using MakeIndex

  The file index.tex contains a set of Plain TeX macros for making an
index for a document.  The raw index output file produced by the macros
is in a form which can be fed to the makeindex program.  The output from
makeindex can then be fed back through TeX with the formatting macros
(which are also in index.tex) to produce the final formatted index.  For
further information see the file itself.

  The file makeindex.tar.gz is a compressed tar file containing the
standard distribution of the makeindex program.  You can also get
makeindex from CTAN:indexing/makeindex.

  The file MakeIndex.ps contains a PostScript copy of the paper "Index
Preparation and Processing" by Pehong Chen and Michael A.  Harrison which
describes the general workings of their makeindex program.

  It is possible to make the index from just the raw index file
and a sorting program (and a lot of "by-hand" work), but makeindex
really is the proper way to make a good index.

Eric Myers <texsis@lifshitz.ph.utexas.edu>		- 29 August 1997
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