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BibTeX support for TeXsis

TeXsis 2.17 will have basic support for BibTeX, which is an automated
bibliography database tool for TeX.  This directory contains some
supporting files which you will need (texsis.bst) or which you can use
to test your installation (bibtest.tex and the files is uses).

The file texsis.bst is a BibTeX style file which tells BibTeX how to
output references in the TeXsis format.  You will need to have this
somewhere on your system, either your working directory or the system
area where bibtex looks for such things.  To tell bibtex to use this
file you should include the command


somewhere in your TeXsis manuscript file (without the .bst extension).

To tell BibTeX the bibliography (.bib) files it should scan, and to
include any .bbl files bibtex has already created, use the
\ReferenceFiles{} command, somewhere early in your manuscript file.
(Note: LaTeX would have you do this at the end, with the \bibliography{}
command, so this is different.)  For example, bibtest.tex uses


to search unix.bib, internet.bib, and mylist.bib.

To create a list of references you should use the TeXsis \ListReference
command, as usual (see TeXsis manual).  After running TeXsis once, you
should run BibTeX, and TeXsis again.  Done!

You can try with the example file bibtest.tex:
    texsis bibtest
    bibtex bibtest
    texsis bibtest

There is also a LaTeX example file, lbibtest.tex, but you have to run it
through LaTeX *twice* after running bibtex.

BibTeX support for TeXsis grew out of a patch to TeXsis by Bernd
Dammann, which he called TXSbib.tex.  It is included here, but you
should not need it after TeXsis 2.17.  However, you may find his notes
useful (see the file README.TXSbib.tex), and you can get the complete
TXSbib.tex package in one file, called txsbib.shar, if you really want
it.  Bernd also created texsis.bst, so he deserves much thanks.  You can
send him a nice note at bernd@fki.dtu.dk.

10 January 1997

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