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Direc­tory macros/musixtex/source/musixcrd

#%% musixcrd - typsetting chord symbols with                   %%
#%%                   musixtex                                 %%
#%% readme                                                     %%
#%% $Id$       %%   
#%% copyright 2004 , Robert Hennig                             %%
#%% this code is licensed in terms of the                      %%
#%% GNU Public License                                         %%
#%%                                                            %%

Chord setting for musixtex or pmx.

There exist two distributions, the sources and the compiled on.
The sources are only necessary for development. Normal usage
requires only the compiled version.

compiled distribution
  The archive musixcrd.tgz contains the following files:

  o readme           this file
  o musixcrd.tex     tex macros
  o doc.pdf          documentation 

  Put the musixcrd.tex file or an link to it into your 
  musixtex/pmx working directory. For pmx use the lines

  \input musixtex                   % These commands are necessary
  \input pmx                        % because pmx.tex MUST be \input
  \input musixcrd

  as preamble in your pmx source file to include musixcrd.tex.
  Look at doc.ps for further instructions of how to use musixcrd.

source distribution
  The archive musixcrdsrc.tgz contains the following files:

  o readme          this file
  o musixcrd.dtx    tex macros and documentation
  o makefile        makefile
  o musixcrd.sty    latex stylefile is a link to musixcrd.dtx
  o doc.tex         latex macros for documentation generation 
                    using musixcrd.dtx 
  o strip.tex       tex file for strip documentation from musixcrd.dtx

  Extract the file into an directory. Use make with the arguments
  doc, strip, srcdist and dist to generate the targets.
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